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A little boy with dark brown curly hair taking advantage of Romp n' Roll Katy's art classes.

A Captivating Learning & Play Center for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Romp n' Roll Katy is a Whimsical Wonderland Filled with Engaging Classes and Activities

Once upon a time, in a world of busy schedules and never-ending distractions, a beacon of joy, imagination, and connection emerged: Romp n' Roll is a wonderland where children aged 3 months to 5 years can explore, learn, and grow in carefully curated spaces designed to ignite their curiosity and creativity. We're a vibrant community where parents and caregivers can find solace, support, and friendship. A place where grown-ups can learn about their kiddos, laugh, and bond with their children and with each other, creating connections that strengthen families and neighborhoods.

Class Descriptions

Class Offerings May Vary By Location


Young artists are busy building so many skills. In Art Explorers 1, children will explore and play with different colors and textures using everything under the sun as a paintbrush: clothes pins, legos, forks, vegetables, and more. This sensory exploration will encourage motor planning, problem-solving, and cognition, contributing to their growing ingenuity and cognitive development! In addition, we'll read stories, sing songs, and move about the room to keep up with the energy of your little artist. The best part? Every week, you and your child will create a keepsake project that you can keep forever to remember this fun and exciting toddler stage!

A turtle tambourine, a spiny cactus, an astronaut...these are some of the cool art projects that will be created by your artistic little one. Each week children will create an art project related to a different theme, participate in exploration and tactile stations in addition to performing music and movement activities. This class is chock full of learning and is sure to help develop a love for the arts!

Children in Crayons to Canvas will be mentioning famous artists such as Pollack or Van Gogh at the dinner table. Each week, children explore the aspects of different artists and then create their own version of a project based on that artist's style. When you ask your child what they did in art class, they will be able to tell you what "medium" they used and describe concepts like space, texture, perspective and abstraction, all the while being given the chance to tap into their creativity and make a colorful mess without the worry! What they bring home will be sure to fill the front of your fridge! Our Crayons to Canvas Class is 60 minutes long and takes place in the Art Room.

Whether your little one is a tiny tot or prepping for preschool, young artists are busy building so many skills. In Art Explorers Mixed Ages, children will explore and play with different colors and textures using everything under the sun as a paintbrush: clothes pins, legos, forks, vegetables, and more. This sensory exploration will encourage motor planning, problem-solving, and cognition, contributing to their growing ingenuity and cognitive development! In addition, we'll read stories, sing songs, and move about the room to keep up with the energy of your little artist. The best part? Every week, you and your child will create a keepsake project that you can keep forever to remember the fun and creativity they experienced in art class!

Music & Movement

Do you have a "whirler" and "twirler"? Want a place to channel that desire without committing to a professional studio? Our Dance With Rompy class is the perfect place to start! Your child will learn the basics of ballet and contemporary dance as well as hip hop and jazz! During ballet and contemporary, dancers will learn stretches, warm-ups, floor routines, and a beautiful combination to show off their talents! During hip hop and jazz we will cover the basics of turns, jumps, pops, and locks that will break down the complex dance moves for your little one! This is a parent-optional class held in our art room.

There is so much learning going on at this age! Your baby's first class at Romp n' Roll provides opportunities for you and your baby to engage in appropriate activities that help them grow and learn physically and socially, naturally creating a bonding experience between baby and parent. The class is designed with elements such as movement activities to work on strengthening your baby's back and neck to move them toward mobility, sign language to foster communication and language skills, music time to work on fine and gross motor skills and bubbles to work on hand-eye coordination. Just as important, grown-ups get the chance to communicate and bond with others who understand their exact concerns and questions. This class is chock full of learning...for everyone!

Rhythm n' Roll is a one-of-a-kind class that combines physical skill building as well as musical enrichment for your 3-5 year old. Children will navigate their way through theme-related obstacle courses designed to develop coordination, strength, and flexibility. Where else could your child fly like a pterodactyl, go on a bear hunt, and have a pajama party? During Music Circle time the children will participate in a variety of fun, and creative music, and movement activities to enhance sensory skills, speech, rhythm, and fine body movements. The children will also participate in activities to build emerging skills like skipping, throwing, hopscotch, and basic sports skills, as well as safe, cooperative participation with others.

Who has rhythm? We all do! In this Gym and Music combination class the children will discover rhythm by playing instruments and participating in movement activities that will help them build a solid foundation both physically and musically. Developmentally appropriate activities combined with musical play give children an opportunity to grow physically as well as socially and emotionally. So, while they're busy swinging from the trapeze, shaking the egg shakers, and flying down the slide, you can feel good knowing they are growing and learning! This music program is truly one of a kind and combines all genres of music from folk music to classical pieces, from rock n' roll to lullabies. Developed by Romp n' Roll, you will not find this program anywhere else!

Music is movement! So, it just makes sense to combine our Gym class with our innovative music program. Our Tumble Tunes 2 class is the perfect combination of physical skill building and the fostering of the love of music through playing instruments, performing movement activities and exercises that focus on basic terminology of music such as rhythm, tempo and pitch. Combine that with an obstacle course where they will "climb mountains", "walk the plank" and "fly like a pterodactyl" and that sounds like the perfect class! This one of a kind music program combines all genres of music, from folk music to classical pieces, from rock n' roll to lullabies. Developed by Romp n' Roll, you will not find this program anywhere else!

Do your kids love music? Then bring them all to this awesome class! Our Mixed Ages Tumble Tunes class combines Music and Gym perfectly for all ages. So, if you're bringing multiple children, don't worry - our instructors will lend a hand while younger children explore during independent play and older children navigate an exciting obstacle course. During our Music Circle time you will experience a truly one of a kind music program that combines all genres of music, from folk music to classical pieces, from rock n' roll to lullabies. Developed by Romp n' Roll, you will not find this program anywhere else!


"Home run!" "Goal!" "Two points!" These are some of the words you hear in our Good Sports class everyday! Basic sports skills and vocabulary will be taught through non-competitive, co-operative drills and games featuring liberal use of our basketball hoop, soccer goal, baseball tee, hockey sticks, footballs and more! Teamwork and sportsmanship are also an important part of this energy filled class.

If your baby is moving, this is the place to keep them grooving! This parent-inclusive class designed for mobile children focuses on developing muscle groups important to those children who are progressing from crawling to walking, as well as those who are already on the move. Our equipment and activities are specially designed with your mobile baby in mind - soft equipment arranged differently each week to encourage strengthening across the board. Not to mention the bubbles, sign language, instruments, and movement songs guaranteed to set the scene for a great naptime!

We call these children our "runners"...because that's just what they do! We provide the perfect combination of independent play time and class activity, working on large muscle groups and fine motor skills through activities like balloons and paddles, ball skills, and parachute time. This vivacious age deserves a vivacious class that will set the stage for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Obstacle courses, cargo nets, rocking domes...oh my! This fun-filled class integrates just the right amount of following directions and introduction to structure disguised as fun! There will be a new theme and a different equipment set-up every week allowing the children to work on various skills, building strength and coordination, and expanding their imaginations! Don't forget the bubble dance party at the end!

Have more than one child but only time for one class? That was the thought behind this class designed to accommodate children ages 10 months through 5 years old. Don't worry - instructors will provide an extra set of hands. Want to attend a class with a friend but your children are different ages? This is yet another great use for this class! Older children will participate in an obstacle course while the younger children engage in independent play and airlog activities. All will enjoy parachute time and bubble dance party!

Who will be the next gold Olympic medalist from the land of Romp n' Roll? "Pikes," "straddle" and "tuck" are common terms heard here, as well as the favorite, "tada!!" The class will also facilitate flexibility, following instructions and cooperating with peers. This class is the perfect foundation before enrolling in a more formal gymnastics program.

Specialty Classes

If you have a little chef in your family, this is THE class for you! In Chef Rompy, your child will go to faraway lands and learn about the culture, the language, and of course, the FOOD! Each week brings a recipe from a different country from around the world which the children will assist in creating. This class brings a love for cooking together with multicultural appreciation, learning to follow instructions, and a fun way to use math! Our little chefs even receive their own passports with stamps from the countries they've visited. Every now and then we will highlight food from right here in the United States. The children will be able to sample each tasty treat they create, and, if you're lucky, bring some home! Our Chef Rompy Class is 60 minutes long and takes place in the Art Room.

Shiver me timbers! Romp n' Roll's Pirates class is just what your young matey has been looking for. Our pirates will hear tales of adventures at sea, create Pirate crafts and seek out lost treasures in the Gym! Working on fine motor skills is disguised as creating a treasure map and creativity is encouraged as the little pirates decide what will be found in their treasure chests. Our Pirates class is 60 minutes long and takes place in the Art Room. For the last 15 minutes of each class the little "pirates" will have an opportunity to "climb aboard the pirate ship" in the gym where they will exercise their bodies as well as their minds. "X" marks the spot so don't miss getting a spot in this class for your landlubber!

Our art room is transformed into a royal kingdom for little princesses, princes, knights, and dragons. Our royal rompers are encouraged to express themselves by wearing their favorite princess gown, knight's armor, or other regal garb! We will always share an enchanting story and present an exciting themed art activity. The royals show impeccable manners, and in this class, we make manners magical while enjoying a delightful tea party. This experience is sure to spark the imagination in every little prince or princess! Our Castles & Crowns Class is 60 minutes long and takes place in the Art Room.

The best of our class elements mixed together, Rompy's Adventure offers art, gym, an obstacle course and music in a two-hour class, which provides plenty of developmental play time for the kids while gaining independence. Rompy's Adventure is a great way to prepare children for upcoming preschool years or supplement current school schedules.

Science FUNdamentals at its best! Your child will learn basic scientific concepts by doing hands-on experiments every week. These little scientists will be talking all week about how they made cream freeze into ice cream in just minutes, and how they brought the dinosaurs back to life with homemade fossils. By using the Scientific Method the children will not only find conclusions to their experiments, they will answer the question that they ask most at this age, "Why?". Put on your lab coat and goggles...let's do this! Our Silly Science Class is 60 minutes long and takes place in the Art Room.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's your child creating a cape, a mask and other superhero based art projects that focus on fine and gross motor skills. Each activity will spark their creativity as well as their imaginations. Our Superheroes Class is 60 minutes long and starts in the Art Room. For the last 15 minutes of each class the little "superheroes" will have an opportunity to "leap tall buildings" in the gym where they will exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Holy fun, Batman!

Do you have a budding engineer? Does your little one love to figure out how things are put together? Get ready for an Art adventure class designed for your young builder! Children will create construction-themed artwork but will also have the opportunity to hone their construction skills by building with Legos and other building materials, plus they learn about a different tool every week, exploring our collection of kid-friendly tools. Creating a variety of structures and following a building plan are some of the concepts and skills your child will be introduced to. In this class we're building fun! This is a parent-optional class held in our art room. Our Construction Class is 60 minutes long and takes place in the Art Room.

Is it a Gym class? Is it an Art class? Actually, it's both! This class is a combination of gym exploration and an art project, getting a chance to exercise your little one's body and mind. In addition to gym and art, families will build social development through group activities, parachute time, and a bubble dance party! In the gym, you never know how all our colorful equipment will be set up to match our different themes - it changes each week! The art portion of the class gives each child the opportunity to build fine motor and sensory perception skills through exploration and creative expression. Since this class is created for children of all ages, it is a perfect match for siblings or friends!

Class Types at Romp n' Roll

Explore the carefully designed class types focuses at Romp n' Roll, created to support the holistic development of your little ones. Each class addresses the distinctive developmental needs of children, setting the stage for enjoyable learning experiences.

A little girl enjoying the Romp n' Roll gym, contact us today for more toddler activities in Katy.



A hit amongst toddlers and young children, our gym classes emphasize fun, fitness-based play. Here, kids experience the following:

  • Obstacle courses: Developing age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills.
  • Safe gym equipment: Where children learn the essence of physical activity through fun setups that include slides, ramps and vaults.
  • Physical confidence: Nurturing self-confidence as kids learn to master new physical challenges.

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A little boy drawing in a Romp n' Roll class, contact us today for more kid activities in Katy, TX.



Unlock the world of creativity with our art classes that encourage the following:

  • Creative expression: Kids are free to explore their senses through diverse art supplies and textures.
  • Historical learning: Introducing young minds to art history, laying the foundation for a deeper appreciation of art.
  • Hands-on projects: Providing children with hands-on experience, encouraging creativity and fine motor skill development.

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Romp n' Roll hosting a music class, explore more toddler activities in Katy today.



An embodiment of delight, our music classes offer the following:

  • Introduction to instruments: Kids receive hands-on experience with various instruments, sparking a lifelong love for music.
  • Developmental benefits: Enhancing language skills and creative thinking through structured musical experiences.
  • Rhythm and melody: Teaching the foundations of music and music appreciation.

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A boy enjoying Romp n' Roll's science focused class, contact us today for more kids activities in Katy, TX.



Ignite your child's scientific curiosity and knowledge with our science-focused classes. Discover the following exciting elements that make our programs unique:

  • Hands-on exploration: Sparking a love for science with engaging experiments and activities.
  • Cognitive and physical development: Fostering growth in a secure and enjoyable environment.
  • Individualized exploration: Empowering children to explore and enjoy science at their own pace.

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A little red head boy enjoying Romp n' Roll's cooking class.



Step into our culinary world at our cooking classes, where budding chefs embark on a sensory-rich culinary journey:

  • Sensory adventures: Hands-on activities stimulate curiosity, sensory exploration, and skill development.
  • Grow while cooking: Develop body awareness, balance, and communication through interactive cooking experiences.
  • Flavorful learning: Discover the world of tastes, fostering an early appreciation for culinary art and culture.

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A little girl dancing at a Romp n' Roll Katy focused activity class.



Explore the art of movement in our dance-focused classes, where children engage in:

  • Body awareness: Promoting healthy movement patterns through dance games and activities that enhance spatial understanding.
  • Physical development: Nurturing strong muscles and joints as young dancers participate in age-appropriate physical activities, building strength and flexibility.
  • Balance and coordination: Elevating stability and coordination through the rhythm and grace of dance, helping kids move with confidence and poise.

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A little girl emjoying Romp n' Roll's sport focused class while playing basketball, contact us today for more toddler activities in Katy.



In our sports-focused skills class, children boost their problem-solving abilities through:

  • Challenging Sports Games: Motivating kids to think on their feet, strategize, and discover solutions to sports-related challenges during gameplay.
  • Cognitive Development: Strengthening resilience and adaptability as they tackle obstacles and find innovative ways to overcome them, fostering mental agility.
  • Creative Solutions in Sports: Inspiring creative thinking by empowering children to devise unique strategies and problem-solving techniques in the world of sports and games.

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A little boy playing in Romp n' Roll's tunnel equipment, contact us today for trial class.



Explore the following exciting adventures that foster your child's imagination and development:

  • Pirate Quest: Embark on treasure hunts and ignite adventure.
  • Superhero Adventures: Unleash superpowers and spark creativity.
  • Construction Crew: Build and engineer with hard hats in a fun class.
  • Castles and Crowns: Enjoy royal play and stimulate creativity.

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kids playing in open playtime

Open Playtime


Explore a world of fun at Open Playtime! Join us and watch your little one thrive in a world of imagination and joy:

  • Perfect Indoor Playground: Romp n' Roll is the ideal indoor playground for little explorers aged 3 months to 5 years.
  • Safe Learning and Play Environment: Dive into learning, play, and friendship in a safe, parent-supervised environment.
  • Clean and Colorful Space: Our bright, colorful, and clean space is filled with age-appropriate equipment, perfect for your child's adventure and growth.

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A baby boy playing at Romp n' Roll Katy kids gym, sign up for our baby classes in Katy, TX today.

Romp n' Roll Katy teal star icon for Katy baby classes. Babies (3 to 12 months)

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Step into a realm of discovery and joy at our baby classes in Katy, TX, specially curated to nurture your little one’s early development. Under the guidance of our expert team, you and your child will be introduced to activities focused on enhancing mobility, coordination and language skills within a secure and sanitized environment featuring baby-proof equipment. The adventure is centered around the following:

  • Sensory play: Stimulating activities that cultivate cognitive growth by engaging their little senses.
  • Motor skill development: Our guided initiatives promote both gross and fine motor skills, supporting critical physical development.
  • Bonding time: Cherish shared experiences that encourage a deeper connection between you and your baby, laying a foundation of trust and love.

Romp n' Roll Katy pink square icon. Toddlers (1 to 2 years)

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Explore your child’s curiosity with our toddler classes in Katy, TX. We have crafted a secure space where your little adventurer can satisfy their natural wonder through the following:

  • Music exploration: An introduction to various instruments, sustaining a foundational love for music.
  • Skill building: A variety of different activities each week to work on coordination, strength and confidence.
  • Creative arts: Art activities that harness creativity and enhance hand-eye coordination.
  • Story time: Interactive storytelling sessions that instill a budding love for reading through rich narratives.
A little boy sitting at the table with his peers enjoying Romp n' Roll's toddler classes in Katy, TX.
Little girl jumping on a tramp in Romp n' Roll's, contact us for Katy toddler classes.

Romp n' Roll Katy green circle icon for young children classes in Katy. Young Children (3 to 5 years)

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As children grow, their natural inquisitiveness and understanding of the world deepen, fostering a growing sense of self. Our classes for young children in Katy facilitate this critical development phase by harmoniously nurturing body and mind. We offer a rich curriculum that includes the following:

  • Team-building games: Constructive activities that promote cooperation and friendship, helping to build a strong sense of community and teamwork.
  • Educational adventures: Varied learning modules designed to enhance their academic journey with hands-on experiences.
  • Physical activities: Engaging obstacle courses and games fine-tuned to aid in developing physical strength and coordination.

Romp n' Roll Katy yellow triangle icon. Mixed Ages (3 months to 5 years)

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Our classes at Katy are the perfect solution for families blessed with multiple children, serving as a vibrant playground where siblings can learn and grow together while fortifying their bonds. In our joyfully supervised environment, we cherish each child’s unique personality, promoting a harmonious and rich learning landscape that is fun and educational.

Embarking on this journey of purposeful play, your children will forge deeper relationships through engaging activities as educational as they are entertaining. Our curriculum encompasses the following:

  • Creative crafts: Special projects that enable siblings to collaborate and foster a team spirit while indulging in the joy of creation.
  • Music sessions: Harmonious sessions that create shared memories, enhancing family bonds through the universal language of music.
  • Skill building: Our engaging activities, designed for children aged 3 months to 5 years, promote skill-building and early development in a fun and interactive way.
  • Socialization opportunities: Structured environments that foster peer interaction, encouraging the development of essential social skills from a young age while cultivating potential lifelong friendships.
Romp n' Roll Katy baby and toddler classes in Katy, TX offers mixed age classes.

Yellow flower icon at Katy. Have Questions About Our Classes?

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Class Policies

We Prioritize Your Child's Well-being

  • Under our new flexible membership plans, you can sign your child into and out of classes online, at your convenience.
  • Please grab a nametag for your child prior to class and if you are attending a parent-inclusive class, please also grab one for yourself.
  • If you are not able to attend a class for which you have registered, we request that you cancel yourself out of that class at least 12 hours before the classes start time. Canceling out of the class allows a person from the waitlist to be moved up into the class; therefore, the 12-hour time frame provides enough time to be able to attend.

  • Please dress yourself and your child in comfortable clothing.
  • Children can wear socks or go barefoot; however, all adults must wear socks. If you forget socks, we have them available for sale.
  • Shoes, coats, and other belongings should be placed in the appropriate areas in the lobby. We are not responsible for unattended items or those left by accident.
  • We request that children not wear clothing with glitter.

  • For parent-inclusive classes, you are responsible for your child's safety. Please stay within a hug's reach of your child.
  • To avoid potentially unsafe situations, please engage your child in the fun class activities.
  • Please limit the making and receiving of calls during class to emergencies only.
  • Please report any unsafe conditions or behavior to the Romp n' Roll staff. If your child is playing in a manner that we deem to be unsafe, we have the right to ask you to leave the facility.

  • Please do not enter our storage closets at any time.
  • If you would like a piece of equipment moved or adjusted, please ask a staff member.
  • If your child puts any toys, instruments, or art materials in their mouth, please place the items in our "Yucky Bucket" or give them to the instructor so they may be cleaned.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the gym at any time.
  • We are a nut free facility. When bringing a snack for your child, please make sure it is nut free and that it is kept in the lobby.
  • Please refrain from chewing gum anywhere in the facility.

  • Class and Open Playtime schedules are subject to change.
  • A class can be canceled due to low enrollment.
  • If we cancel classes due to inclement weather, we will post a notice on our Facebook page.

Please do not attend class when you or your child are ill. If you or your child are sick, please take advantage of our flexible scheduling policy and return to class when everyone is healthy!

We want every child to be have an amazing time at Romp n' Roll. While we know that children have wonderful moments, we also expect that there may be some difficult times as well. If your child is having a difficult time (tantrums, crying), we ask that you follow the following basic procedure:

  • Take a few minutes to see if your child will calm down - try to distract him/her by emphasizing the exciting activities in the class.
  • If your child is unable to calm down within a few minutes, please feel free to move your child to a quieter area away from the activity of the class (i.e., lobby, quiet area of the facility). Gently tell your child if he/she calms down s/he can go back into the activity.
  • Once your child has calmed down, bring him/her back into the class for more fun and learning.
  • If you have questions, please speak to your instructor for more ideas!

  • Our program is designed for one grown up per child. If an additional grown up would like to attend, please speak with a staff member as we may have limitations due to space and safety.
  • Romp n' Roll encourages you to bring friends who may be interested in joining. Please have your friend schedule their trial class online.
  • Children attending a grownup-inclusive class must do so under the care of an adult 18 years of age or older.

Romp n' Roll cannot accommodate non-enrolled siblings in any class. Infants who are worn or who remain in a car seat may be brought into class. If you have an older child at home on a Romp n' Roll day who is typically in school, we ask that you make childcare arrangements for your non-enrolled child or reschedule your class. For safety reasons, non-enrolled children cannot remain in the lobby unattended during class.

  • Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Romp n' Roll will not be able to honor refund requests made due to absences.

All memberships are subject to terms and conditions as agreed upon when purchasing membership.
Before canceling your membership with Romp n' Roll, please consider the option of pausing your membership.

  • Pause: A great option if you need to take a short break. This option will freeze your payment and your ability to take classes or attend Open Playtime. To pause your membership, you must contact us and we will email you our "Romp n' Roll Pause/Cancel Request Form" to complete and submit online. Your change will be processed by the manager and you will receive an email confirmation with details on the specific dates of when your services will be paused. Your membership will be paused at the end of the current billing cycle and you may attend classes and Open Playtime until then. Your membership and autopay will resume at the end of your chosen pause period. Should you choose to cancel while on a pause, a payment equal to one month of tuition will be processed to your credit card on file and your membership will terminate at the end of that full billing cycle and you may attend classes and Open Playtime until then.
  • Cancel: This option will stop your membership entirely. To cancel your membership, you must contact us and we will email you our "Romp n' Roll Pause/Cancel Request Form" to complete and submit online. Once received, your change will be processed by the manager and you will receive an email confirmation that will detail the specific dates of when your services will end. We do require a 30-day notice to cancel your membership. If your payment falls during the 30-day window, your final payment will still process in full. You may attend classes and Open Playtime until the end of that payment window and please rejoin at any time!

  • As a member at Romp n' Roll, please enjoy our free parent supervised Open Playtime as often as you want. Non-enrolled siblings, friends, and visitors must purchase an Open Playtime punch card to attend Open Playtime.
  • Open Playtime punch cards can be shared between siblings and friends..

Please feel free to take pictures of your child for your personal use during any time you spend at Romp n' Roll. Photography or video for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. We often take pictures during classes, Open Playtime, birthday parties, and other events. We reserve the right to use these photographs for promotional materials, which may or may not include print media, brochures, wall hangings, website photo gallery, etc. No compensation is paid for use of these photos. If for any reason you prefer that we not use pictures of you or your child, please let us know immediately.

A Romp n' Roll Katy construction worker class.
An about 5 year old girl playing in Romp n' Roll Katy's gym.
A young boy enjoying Romp n' Roll Katy's science classes, sign up for our toddler & baby classes in Katy, TX.

Benefits of Our Classes

Baby & Toddler Classes in Katy, TX

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  • Enhanced Physical Development: Our classes encourage physical activities that improve coordination, balance, and motor skills. These activities are crucial in early childhood for developing strength, agility, and a sense of physical confidence.
  • Cognitive Growth: The interactive and engaging nature of the classes stimulates cognitive development. Children learn problem-solving, memory, and creative thinking skills through fun and challenging activities.
  • Social Skills and Interaction: In a group setting with peers, children learn essential social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and communication. This environment fosters friendships and helps children understand the importance of teamwork and empathy.
  • Emotional Well-being: Participating in group activities in a supportive, encouraging environment boosts children’s self-esteem and confidence. They learn to express themselves and manage emotions in a healthy way.
  • Creativity and Imagination: The classes at Romp n' Roll are designed to spark imagination and creativity. Through various activities, children explore different forms of expression, whether it be through art, music, or imaginative play.
  • Parent-Child Bonding: Many classes offer opportunities for parents to engage with their children, strengthening the parent-child bond. This shared experience can be deeply rewarding and fun for both.
  • Foundation for Lifelong Learning: Early exposure to structured yet enjoyable learning environments sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning. Children develop a positive attitude towards education and curiosity about the world around them.
  • Safe and Nurturing Environment: Romp n' Roll provides a safe, clean, and nurturing environment where children can explore and learn. Parents can rest assured knowing their children are in a space that values their safety and well-being.
A young toddler playing on Romp n' Roll's gym on a tramp.

Special Events & Activities at Romp n' Roll

  • Open playtime: During open playtime sessions at Romp n' Roll, the adventure is totally up to the kids! It's full of imagination, where little ones can be active and explore without limits. With a safe space filled with games and activities tailored to each child's passions, it's a playground where imaginations run wild!
  • Kid's night out: Under the watchful eye of our professional staff, your kids will dive into a world of thrilling activities, games, and hands-on arts and crafts. Meanwhile, you can relish some well-deserved "me time."
  • Parent's morning out: Much like Kid's Night Out," our "Parent's Morning Out" is all about creating a safe, fun, and educational environment for children, giving you, the parents, a well-deserved break.
  • Rompy's adventure: Join the adventure with Rompy! These themed classes transport kids to incredible worlds where imagination reigns supreme. Whether it's a pirate's life or an enchanted forest, Rompy sparks creativity and loads of fun along the way!
  • Family fun events: Get ready for unforgettable family nights bursting with joy and learning in a vibrant environment filled with structured activities and free play! It's the perfect opportunity for families to come together, bond, and craft memories that'll last a lifetime.

Camps & Events

Happy Kids.
Happy Parents.

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