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Classes for Kids

Here at Romp n' Roll, we offer many fun, educational classes for kids! We focus on helping children develop into intelligent, curious and kind little people. With the safe and nurturing environment we offer, children can play and learn to be the best version of themselves.

Our energetic and caring staff lead classes that teach children to have independence, build confidence, and socialize while having fun and making friends! We have professionally developed lessons that engage and inspire every participant from music, art and dance to cooking, science and sports.

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Age Group

Whether your baby is 3 months old and beginning to recognize family members or 5 years old and soaking information up like a sponge, we've got learning and fun for everyone! We understand the importance of children learning alongside their peers at similar stages of life, so we have created classes for specific age groups.


Littles ones aged 3-12 months, will love this class! Watch them roll, scootch and crawl to their heart's desire and socialize with babies of similar ages.


Nothing is off-limits as 1-year-olds run around trying out new things in our super safe, padded gym. We have the perfect environment to encourage your little tyke to explore with our classes for toddlers.


Your little two-year-old is an active learner, which means they learn best by DOING! These classes encourage your toddlers to run around and soak up new experiences.


Imaginative 3-year-olds will love these classes geared toward getting their little brains working and having fun!


Get your 4-year-old out of the house and into our Romp n' Roll gym to learn as they play. These classes are perfect for children who enjoy being active and socializing.


5-year-olds are full of imagination and ready to soak up the fascinating world around them. These classes help kids flourish by introducing new things, physical activity, and social situations.

Kids and babies love our classes for kids.


If you are looking for classes for kids that offer courses with a specific focus, you are in the right place! Romp n' Roll has classes focused on topics and activities that kids love. Our daily classes focus on critical physical, cognitive, and social skills to help children develop and grow to be exceptional kids.

Getting kids active and moving can be challenging to do at home! Our gym classes get kids moving and having fun! Romp n' Roll focuses on creating a safe, bright and clean area for children to run and get their wiggles out.

Has your child shown an interest in arts and crafts? These classes cover art history and concepts, allow children to explore new textures and senses, and every week your little one has a unique keepsake to bring home and cherish.

Music is a fantastic way to help children develop new skills and socialize. Our age-appropriate instruments allow your child to express themselves in healthy and exciting ways.

Allowing children to socialize in a safe and fun environment helps them grow and develop into their best selves. With our socialization classes, kids will get to interact with other kids their age and learn how to communicate with each other in age-appropriate ways.

When we turn our Romp n' Roll playroom into an enchanted kingdom, a pirate ship, or any other magical setting, kids blossom into visionary storytellers and dive into their new world. After our imagination classes, your kids will go home with fun, adventure-filled memories.

Kids learn about themselves as they play and interact with others. Romp n' Roll curriculum fosters independence through age-appropriate activities, including playing, construction, movement, music, art and more.

Giving kids chances to learn new skills is very important as they develop. Our motor skills classes put kids in new situations where they can expand on skills and learn new ones as they socialize with kids of similar ages.

Sometimes it feels like kids are always on the move. Our movement classes give your children a safe and entertaining environment to move and wiggle as much as they please!

Solving problems is an important skill to have as kids grow and develop. The Romp n' Roll problem-solving class puts children into situations where they can develop this skill.

The world around us is enormous, which can be overwhelming for little ones! The sensory exploration class exposes kids to new textures, sounds, and feelings in a safe space where they are less likely to get overwhelmed.

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Specialty Classes for Kids

We also offer classes outside of specific subjects that entertain children in other fun and exciting ways! With the Romp n' Roll specialty classes, children can try new things and build new skill sets as they make new friends and memories.

Open Playtime is the best indoor playground for children to learn, play, and make friends. Join us for this parent-supervised indoor playtime and let your child explore our bright, colorful, clean and age-appropriate equipment.

Have a date night planned? Drop them off for our kid's night out class! Your kids will enjoy three hours of fun, playtime, crafts and dinner, all led by our silly, energetic instructors.

This class is perfect for busy parents. Schedule a day to have your child play, learn, and exercise as you get work done, or just have a kid-free relaxing morning!

Kids love Rompy’s Adventure, as it is a combined mixture of all our awesome classes! Your kids will get to try their hand at art, gym, an obstacle course, and music in a fun-filled two-hour class!

If you are looking for an adventure for the whole family, try one of our family fun Romp n' Roll events! Everyone will get to try something new and go home with delightful memories that will last a lifetime.

Kids just want to have fun, and these Play Palooza special classes incorporate all the best parts of playtime in our bright, clean and age-appropriate kid's gym.

We have dop-off class options available if you want to encourage independence in your child. Your little one will feel safe and welcomed in our fun, optional parent participation classes.

Watching your child play and make friends can be a terrific part of parenthood. These specifically designed classes make playtime fun for kiddos and mom, so you don’t have to miss a second!

Kids love our educational, fun classes.

With the delightful classes and activities offered at Romp n' Roll, your kids will be begging to come back for each one! And when you know they are also learning new skills and talents as they play, you will be just as excited. No more searching “classes for kids near me,” check out our class schedules and sign your kids up today!

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Romp n' Roll Classes for Kids
Clean space, fun activities and friendly staff!
— Franceska Chacon, Posted November 29th 2023 on google
Absolutely a wonderful place. Been taking my daughter here since she was 7 months and now at 15 months, she's still one happy camper. She LOVES Mrs. Sarah who is so engaging, patient, you can tell she loves what she does-she's absolutely great with kids!!! Michele at the front desk is an absolute sweetheart and I real...
— katharine P., Posted November 28th 2023 on google
We had a beautiful time with our children! The activities were engaging and it allowed us an opportunity to do something fun and different with the kids on the weekend🙌🏾
— Dr. Lewis, Posted November 27th 2023 on google
My daughter had such a great time at our trial class, she was just in her element. Ms. Paige Mrs. Lisa were AMAZING the parents and kids were all so friendly! Highly recommend to anyone looking to burn some kiddo energy!
— Kristen Cirillo, Posted November 27th 2023 on google
Great experience and we can’t say enough good things about the staff! Thank you Ashley for your kindness, knowledge, and energy. We’ve enjoyed working with you and everyone there over the last year and we have seen tremendous growth.
— Michelle Sierra Schultz, Posted November 26th 2023 on google
The instructor is wonderful with all the kids, very energetic and is able to get their attention. The range of activities from the story/song to learning a sign and working on balance or other motor skills in the gym is what makes it a well rounded class. I am so happy that my daughter is able to interact with other ki...
— C. Macchia, Posted November 26th 2023 on google
There was a great balance between movement and focus activities, fast paced enough for my toddler to actually stay interested, and there were great development activities!
— Taryn Mermigos, Posted November 9th 2022 on google
Our party was phenomenal! The kids had a blast, the instructor was so great with the kids, and all 3 staff were so helpful and made the day so stress free for me. I’ve never been prior to the party so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was so much easier than I could have imagined a 4yo’s party would be!
— Nicole Kershaw, Posted November 22nd 2023 on google
The kids had so much fun
— Katie Curtis, Posted November 21st 2023 on google
We had my son’s 4th birthday party here and it was incredible!! The kids had an absolute blast, the activities were beautifully coordinated and the staff was incredibly nice and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend this facility for a child’s birthday, 1-6 years old. Thank you for a wonderful time!
— Stephanie S., Posted November 16th 2023 on google
Friendly staff. This place is nice.
— Anaillan R (Ennah), Posted November 14th 2023 on google
We do the classes on Saturdays and open play during the week and I love it. It’s great to be around a variety of kids and have my son get used to it. The play area is great and I wish I had one at home! Ms Olivia is great and very educational as well. This past Saturday we had a new teacher and she was so sweet and ...
— Sydney Klimas, Posted November 13th 2023 on google
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, Posted November 10th 2023 on facebook
Very friendly. My daughter had so much fun
— Elizabeth baisden, Posted November 8th 2023 on google
This was our first time here and when we called the woman was very helpful. She was able to set us up for open play that was starting in 30 mins. My son really enjoyed it and he's 18 months old
— Megan Cunningham, Posted November 3rd 2023 on google
Very friendly staff, great equipment and activities
— Dina LaTour, Posted February 24th 2023 on google
There was nice people who worked there and fun and encouraging attitude
— Misha Kapadia, Posted October 27th 2023 on google
Staff are great! Love the classes
— Christina Rodriguez, Posted October 23rd 2023 on google
We had our sons 4th birthday party here and it was so great! They were helpful throughout the entire process, from booking to end of party. The instructor did a fabulous job engaging the children and providing lots of fun! For this age group especially (3-5) it was a perfect mix of open play and instructor-led group a...
— Kaitlyn Snyder, Posted October 22nd 2023 on google
My son is having a great time whenever he goes there. The staff is amazing and very caring ❤️
— Susann Johnson, Posted October 20th 2023 on google