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Considering a venture into the world of a kids fitness franchise? Romp n' Roll stands at the forefront of this sector, providing exceptionally tailored services for young children from infancy to five years old. Our offerings blend enjoyment with developmental progress and learning, making it a unique choice for preschoolers. With a decade-long track record as a franchise, Romp n' Roll's business approach is not only innovative but also proven in its success. The journey from a simple idea to establish a childrens gym to expanding to over 300 locations both domestically and globally is a testament to the robustness of our model. If embarking on a childrens gym franchise is your goal, Romp n' Roll seeks certain key attributes in potential franchise owners. Join us in this thriving and rewarding sector!

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Who Makes a Good Romp n' Roll Franchise Owner?

At Romp n' Roll, we are proud of our current location owners as they have all been exceedingly successful. Our owners constantly report 5 star reviews from happy parents within their communities. These happy customers have paid off. How have all of our owners been able to do so well? Because we take time in choosing the best potential franchisees! If you are curious about starting a children’s gym, these are the qualities we look for in Romp n' Roll owners:

  • Passion: A passionate business owner is important for success - as a leader, you set the tone for your staff. Your passion fuels theirs, making for a fun and happy work environment!
  • People Skills: Romp n' Roll is a “people” business - you will be interacting with staff, children, and parents daily. The ability to create a top notch customer service experience is vital to creating a successful Romp n' Roll location.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: If you are pursuing a career that offers flexibility, independence, and leadership, then you will fit right in at Romp n' Roll. While you will have our full support, as a Romp n' Roll franchisee, your role will be business owner - you call the shots!
  • Networker: If you are considering starting a children’s gym, a good place to start is right within your community! Romp n' Roll is heavily focused in its locations’ local communities - as an owner, you must be an efficient networker. We will show you how to partner with local business, mom’s clubs, and charitable events.
  • Multi-Tasker: With art, gym, and music classes going on, children screaming with delight, and staff members running about, Romp n' Roll can be a busy place. As a Romp n' Roll kids fitness franchise owner, you should feel comfortable with multi-tasking, as there will always be plenty to do.

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If the above qualities sound just like you, then you are well on your way to starting a children’s gym. We know success when we see it - average revenue for franchised locations open for more than a year is at $462,920. If you think you qualify to join the Romp n' Roll team, call us today.

Romp n' Roll Franchise Information Report

This helpful 15-page report will explain our revenue sources and market criteria, what makes our kids gym franchise unique, detailed investment requirements, training and support programs, unit revenue figures, financing options and so much more.

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No. Romp n' Roll owners have a variety of professional backgrounds. While an educational background may be helpful, we look for franchise owners who are business-minded, match our core values, and are excited to share Romp n' Roll within their community.

Yes. Romp n' Roll provides a mandatory, comprehensive training program at our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Owners receive a variety of online and offline training materials to use with their employees, including a video library of our top instructors teaching every class in real time.

Romp n' Roll owners are involved in the operations of the business. Some act as the center director and are active in daily activities; others hire a manager and engage with the community, focus on marketing execution, and take care of bookkeeping needs.

Numerous factors contribute to financial returns for a business. However, our FDD Item 19 has historical financial information to help serious candidates evaluate this opportunity.

The estimated investment ranges from $321,800 - $475,450. Click here for details on estimated start-up costs.

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