Finding the Right Members Quickens Growth

We’ve been helping develop young children for a while now. So, we’ve learned precisely the types of households, neighborhoods and income levels that value a Romp n’ Roll kids gym experience.

New Member Programs

Our new member programs are focused on finding at-home or working moms generally aged 25-34 with a child aged 3-24 months.

These moms are the heart of the growing millennial generation now coming into their family-building years…many looking for enrichment activities to share or provide for their child.

Secondary Membership Focus

Our secondary membership focus is finding moms aged 35-44 and caregivers (aunts, uncles, grandparents, nannies, etc.).

We’re looking for households with 1-3 children aged 3-months to five years old. Romp n’ Roll’s programs are specifically designed to deliver quality-time activities for these busy, growing households.

As we look at where to locate your Romp n’ Roll kids gym franchise , we’ll evaluate neighborhoods with household incomes between $75K and $100K, which are proven to find our membership offerings both high value and affordable.

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