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Why is Romp n’ Roll an attractive business opportunity?

kids gym franchise

Membership-based revenue, lower investment and costs produce profit potential

Romp n’ Roll operates on an affordable monthly membership fee model, which auto-renews, affording our franchise owners a recurring revenue stream. Minimal inventory, no receivables and part-time staff all enhance the profitability of the Romp n’ Roll business model.

Cash flow is easier, more predictable with a Romp n’ Roll franchise

Preparing for cash flow is essential for any successful business. With Romp n’ Roll’s kids gym franchise opportunities , your cash flow becomes predictable since membership fees auto-renew based on monthly membership packages charged to the member’s credit card.

This proven approach creates predictable, recurring revenue and allows your support staff to focus on member retention and new member acquisition. Great member service keeps families coming back.

Your cash isn’t tied up in inventory. We do sell some souvenirs and other branded items, but the bulk of your revenue comes from memberships and events like birthdays. Your staff won’t need to handle receivables or worry with collections. Your members pre-pay for everything.

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