Why People are Leaving Corporate America: Start a Kids Fitness Franchise

If you’re looking to invest in a kids fitness franchise, consider Romp n’ Roll, the industry leader. As a franchise owner, you will experience a wide range of benefits that are unavailable in a corporate job. Where a corporate job limits you, franchise ownership sets you free. No more salary caps, rigid schedules, or order taking. As a franchise owner, you will experience flexibility and independence. Romp n’ Roll offers all of these benefits, plus the advantages of a booming industry, low investments, and community focused business plan. As the leading kids fitness franchise, Romp n’ Roll gives parents, kids, and owners something to smile about!

The Successful Franchise Model

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While the reasons to want to quit a corporate job are obvious to most of us, franchising as the best option may not be as obvious. We all know that business ownership carries a large degree of risk, so how is franchising any different? When you buy into a franchise, unlike when you buy into a business, you are investing into a model of proven success.

Romp n’ Roll has over 15 years of experience as a kids fitness franchise. The model has done so well that it has expanded to 14 U.S locations and 300 overseas locations (in China). By becoming an owner of the top kids fitness franchise, you will be opening a business with a history of success. With a low initial investment and high revenue possibilities, it is easy to see how Romp n’ Roll continues to be successful.

In addition to the low risk and high reward model of franchising, you also have access to endless support as a franchisee. When you decide on starting a children’s gym and joining the Romp n’ Roll family, we will assist you with everything from real estate, construction, materials, and training to marketing assistance to prepare you for your grand opening. But the support doesn’t stop there! We assist you in training employees, keep you updated with industry standards and sales updates, and continued support for any questions you may have. Romp n’ Roll is proud of being a leader in the kids fitness franchise industry and we work hard to make sure all of our locations succeed.

As a Romp n’ Roll franchise owner, you will never face the risks and worries of traditional business ownership - we are here for you!

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The Satisfaction of a Fulfilling Career

Although talking numbers is important in considering any career choice, we all know that money isn’t everything. While opening a kids fitness franchise can be positive financially, it also ensures a challenging and satisfying career. If you enjoy working hard, having fun, and learning, then Romp n’ Roll is the franchise for you. Seeing kids learn, play, and grow is almost as fulfilling as seeing their happy parents. By opening a Romp n’ Roll franchise, you will be supporting the growth of your community, and educating the next generation of your hometown. If you’re ready for starting a children’s gym franchise and your new positive career, call us today.

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