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Romp n’ Roll is a kids play franchise dedicated to early fitness education.

We began franchising in 2007 and focused our efforts overseas. Now, with 300+ international locations, our focus has returned to the USA. We currently have 11 open locations and 3 more awarded. There are multiple territories available and we are excited to bring our kids play franchise to communities around the nation with the help of qualified entrepreneurs. While our opportunity is open to sole investors, we are also interested in business partners who want to open 1 or more locations.

What You Get : Kids Play Franchise

Franchising with a partner brings you various benefits, including:

When you invest into our kids play franchise with a partner, our start up costs may be more manageable. The investment, which ranges between $198,700 - $399,150 covers the basics you need to get started. With a partner, you can split finances, meaning that you may have more capital available for future investments. A partnership is also ideal for those that are interested in opening more than one Romp N’ Roll location.

In addition to splitting finances, you’ll also share the workload with a partner. Managing a business can be tricky, particularly if you’re doing it all alone. With the help from your partner, it should be easier to complete tasks and stay on schedule.

A greater partnership consists of two entrepreneurs that balance each other strengths and weaknesses. Where you struggle, your partner should excel, and vice versa. The brainpower of two minds allows for easier management. With double the experience, skills, and resources, you and your partner will make great Romp n’ Roll Franchise Owners.

When the work is split between two qualified individuals, the result is a flexible schedule. Maintaining a positive work balance is easier with a partner.

The advantages of a business partnership are only amplified by our strong support system. At Romp n’ Roll, we developed a corporate foundation that is focused on encouraging the growth of each individual location. Each Franchise Owner may receive assistance in areas such as marketing, memberships, and training. Here at Romp n’ Roll, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work and we are always looking for talented teams to join our kids birthday party places franchise.

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If you and your partner are looking for a promising investment opportunity, consider our exciting and fulfilling kids play franchise. Our award-winning program is focused on bringing fun, education, and fitness to children in communities across the United States. In order to ensure the spread of our highly demanded kids classes, we work hard to support the sole investors and business partners that are part of our team. As Romp n’ Roll Franchise Owners, you and your business partner will have a foundation of experience and support to fall back on. Are you excited about our proven kids play franchise business model? Contact us today to learn more about kids birthday party places.

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More Reasons To Choose Romp n' Roll

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Welcoming Atmosphere

Our bright, whimsical facilities were thoughtfully crafted to stimulate and engage little ones while keeping them safe. An abundance of colorful vinyl foam in the design makes things comfortable and easy to clean. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have a blast on our age-appropriate gym equipment

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Social Interaction

Little ones can socialize with other children and learn valuable life skills from each other. Our classes and activities are designed to foster independence, build confidence, and nurture creativity among kids between the ages of 3 months through 5 years old; providing peer-to-peer interaction that's vital to their growth.

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Growth & Development

Our play-based curriculum developed from extensive research and our own experiences. Our developmentally appropriate art, music, and movement classes and activities build physical and cognitive skills during these important formative years-but all kids know is that they're having fun!

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Parent-Child Connection

Based on our research, we discovered that little ones progress most effectively when they're in the presence of parents and loved ones who express excitement and pride for their achievements. Our classes are parent-friendly, so they can take part in positive, shared fun with their child.