How much can I make with a Kids Franchise?

Parents always want the best for their children and are willing to spend top dollar on quality education and extracurricular activities in both good and poor economies.

Romp n’ Roll is a kids franchise that melds several different creative learning experiences into one fun franchise business.

Kids franchises are a high demand business. Parents always want the best for their children and are willing to spend top dollar on quality education and extracurricular activities in both good and poor economies. That means that the multibillion dollar childhood education and kids fitness industries are always consistent.

Romp n’ Roll kids franchises have taken advantage of both these industries (as well as the $25 billion kids birthday party industry) with a creative program that combines education and fitness. At Romp n’ Roll, kids can romp, roll, run, play and exercise while learning about music, cooking, math, art, dance, science, and more! All of our classes focus on helping young children develop social interaction skills, problem solving techniques, fine and gross motor skills, independence, imagination, and sensory exploration.

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You Have Choices

We offer parents a wide variety of options, including class enrollment, “Mommy and Me” experiences, Parent’s night out, and birthday parties and special events. Parents are pleased with Romp n’ Roll’s flexible scheduling and fun filled classes that keep their children focused and engaged. By offering both education and gym classes, our kids franchises are able to attract a larger base of customers. As a Kids Franchise Owner with Romp n’ Roll, you’ll benefit from our well-designed business plan.

$198,700 - $399,150

Investment Range



We have been recognized as industry leaders with various awards for our kids franchise program. If you’re interested in our award-winning opportunity, there is plenty of available territories for qualified, hard-working entrepreneurs. Our locations account for an AUV of $320,590. Franchise Owners can supplement their earnings with birthday parties, special events, or additional territories. What are you waiting for? This world of success is only one investment away.

Qualities Our Most Successful Franchise Owners Possess:

Entrepreneurial Spirit
People-friendly & Networking Skills

An investment cost estimate of $198,700 - $399,150 covers everything you need to get started: training and travel expenses; rent, security deposits, and leasehold improvements; furniture, fixtures, signs, and equipment; computer and software; office equipment and initial inventory; and a grand opening marketing package. Once you’ve sealed the deal and signed the contract, we will help you get your kids franchise open and running in no time. And you’re still covered after your initial investment - you’ll receive ongoing assistance from our corporate support team. Support and teamwork is the priceless benefit of joining a successful franchise brand.

Success Means More than Profit

While profit is a great indication of success, it's not everything. Most of our Kids Franchise Owners claim that the fulfillment they receive from encouraging the educational development of the children in their community is what gives them the most satisfaction. If you’re ready to embark on a future of prosperity and fulfillment, contact us today to get started.

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