About the Industry: Kids Gym Franchise Opportunities

The Booming Kids Fitness Franchise Industry

If you are looking for kids gym franchise opportunities, then you have come to the right industry! In the United States, the health and fitness industry boasts $30 billion in annual revenue and has shown steady 3-4% growth over the years. Within this booming industry exists the kids fitness industry which brings in $550 million annually. More than 20% of fitness gyms offer kid specific programs and there are many fitness businesses focused solely on children. Romp N’ Roll is leading these kids gym franchise opportunities with diverse curriculums, parent-child connections, and a fun, positive staff. In addition to our quality customer service and engaging fitness programs, we also offer unbeatable benefits for anyone interested in joining our franchise team.

kids gym franchise opportunities

Within this booming industry exists the kids fitness industry which brings in $550 million annually.

The Potential of Success with Kids Gym Franchise Opportunities

If you have any interest in franchising, it is important to start with a successful industry. Enrollment in extracurricular recreational classes and spending in childhood enrichment programs have both shown steady growth. While cuts to public school funding end many school run programs, parents are looking to outsource their children’s fitness and enrichment. These factors add fuel to the already roaring fire of the kids fitness industry. Combined with the fact that the industry is recession resistant (parents will always spend money on their children’s enrichment), kids fitness proves to be a winning industry. Romp N’ Roll kids fitness franchise has come out as a leader in this industry with over 95 locations and counting.

What makes Romp N’ Roll different than the other kids fitness franchise

  • Diverse curriculum with a wide range of child-enrichment classes, including: gym, music, art, dance, science, sports, and cooking. These diverse options encourage learning and fun, keeping children engaged.
  • Other kids gym franchises will offer classes to a wide range of children (babies to 15), but at Romp N’ Roll, we only offer our classes to ages 3 months - 5 years, allowing for our staff to fully focus on their students.
  • Multiple streams of revenue are included in the Romp N’ Roll business plan: kid’s classes, birthday parties, kid’s night out and parent’s morning out.
  • Flexible schedules! Most competitors only offer one class a week at inflexible times. At Romp N’ Roll, we like to work with our customers by offering unlimited monthly classes.

These factors, among many others, make Romp N’ Roll kids fitness franchise stand out to consumers as one of the best kids gym franchises for quality services, fair pricing, and flexible scheduling. Our positive brand recognition has led us to accrue a large customer base, which has kept our owners busy with sales!

kids fitness franchise

Choosing the Best Indoor Playground Franchise

When it comes to kids gym franchise opportunities, there is no doubt that Romp N’ Roll is the best. Add our positive selling points to an industry low initial investment and an impressive AUV of $415,328, and there is no reason to say no to the low risk, high reward opportunity of owning a Romp N’ Roll location.

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