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Charlotte Kids Summer Camp

Summer Camp

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Sunday, 6/2/2024 - Saturday, 8/31/2024

9:00am - 12:00pm

Drop your preschooler off to enjoy 3 hours of socialization, gym time, group play, and imaginative thinking!
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 9 am - 12 pm
  • Price: Members $60 per week ($30 per day), per child | Non-Members $80 ($40 per day) per week, per child  
Ages: 2-5 years old, no potty training required! Campers are split into small groups based on age.
Each day campers will explore the gym through independent and group play, learn artistic concepts while working on fine motor skills and get groovin' with music and activities!

Each family will provide a water bottle for their camper and a nut free snack, but Goldfish, Pretzels, or Cheez-its  will be provided as a nut free snack.

Weekly Themes:
Our play space is transformed each week based on an imaginative theme to encourage curiosity and broaden learning
Weekly Themes:
Week 1: 3-2-1 Blast Off (6/4 & 6/6)
Week 2: Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere (6/11 & 6/13)
Week 3: Pirates, Aaargh! (6/18 & 6/20)
Week 4: Rompin’ Robots (6/25 & 6/27)
Week 5: Red, White & Blue (7/2)
Week 6: Firefighters to the Rescue (7/9 & 7/11)
Week 7: Days of the Dinosaurs (7/16 & 7/18)
Week 8: Knights, Princesses, and Dragons (7/23 & 7/25)
Week 9: Beach Party! (7/30 & 8/1)
Week 10: Superheroes (8/6 & 8/8)
Week 11: Get Sporty (8/13 & 8/15)
Week 12: Let’s Lego (8/20 & 8/22)
Week 13: Pajama Party (8/27 & 8/29)
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Kid's Night Out

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Open Playtime

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Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte class schedules offer many opportunites to play with purpose.

Play with Purpose

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About Our Classes

A little girl enjoying the Romp n' Roll gym, contact us today for more toddler activities in Charlotte.



A hit amongst toddlers and young children, our gym classes emphasize fun, fitness-based play. Here, kids experience the following:

  • Obstacle courses: Developing age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills.
  • Safe gym equipment: Where children learn the essence of physical activity through fun setups that include slides, ramps and vaults.
  • Physical confidence: Nurturing self-confidence as kids learn to master new physical challenges.

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A little boy drawing in a Romp n' Roll class, contact us today for more kid activities in Charlotte, NC.



Unlock the world of creativity with our art classes that encourage the following:

  • Creative expression: Kids are free to explore their senses through diverse art supplies and textures.
  • Historical learning: Introducing young minds to art history, laying the foundation for a deeper appreciation of art.
  • Hands-on projects: Providing children with hands-on experience, encouraging creativity and fine motor skill development.

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Romp n' Roll hosting a music class, explore more toddler activities in Charlotte today.



An embodiment of delight, our music classes offer the following:

  • Introduction to instruments: Kids receive hands-on experience with various instruments, sparking a lifelong love for music.
  • Developmental benefits: Enhancing language skills and creative thinking through structured musical experiences.
  • Rhythm and melody: Teaching the foundations of music and music appreciation.

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A boy enjoying Romp n' Roll's science focused class, contact us today for more kids activities in Charlotte, NC.



Ignite your child's scientific curiosity and knowledge with our science-focused classes. Discover the following exciting elements that make our programs unique:

  • Hands-on exploration: Sparking a love for science with engaging experiments and activities.
  • Cognitive and physical development: Fostering growth in a secure and enjoyable environment.
  • Individualized exploration: Empowering children to explore and enjoy science at their own pace.

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A little red head boy enjoying Romp n' Roll's cooking class.



Step into our culinary world at our cooking classes, where budding chefs embark on a sensory-rich culinary journey:

  • Sensory adventures: Hands-on activities stimulate curiosity, sensory exploration, and skill development.
  • Grow while cooking: Develop body awareness, balance, and communication through interactive cooking experiences.
  • Flavorful learning: Discover the world of tastes, fostering an early appreciation for culinary art and culture.

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A little girl dancing at a Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte focused activity class.



Explore the art of movement in our dance-focused classes, where children engage in:

  • Body awareness: Promoting healthy movement patterns through dance games and activities that enhance spatial understanding.
  • Physical development: Nurturing strong muscles and joints as young dancers participate in age-appropriate physical activities, building strength and flexibility.
  • Balance and coordination: Elevating stability and coordination through the rhythm and grace of dance, helping kids move with confidence and poise.

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A little girl emjoying Romp n' Roll's sport focused class while playing basketball, contact us today for more toddler activities in Charlotte.



In our sports-focused skills class, children boost their problem-solving abilities through:

  • Challenging Sports Games: Motivating kids to think on their feet, strategize, and discover solutions to sports-related challenges during gameplay.
  • Cognitive Development: Strengthening resilience and adaptability as they tackle obstacles and find innovative ways to overcome them, fostering mental agility.
  • Creative Solutions in Sports: Inspiring creative thinking by empowering children to devise unique strategies and problem-solving techniques in the world of sports and games.

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A little boy playing in Romp n' Roll's tunnel equipment, contact us today for trial class.



Explore the following exciting adventures that foster your child's imagination and development:

  • Pirate Quest: Embark on treasure hunts and ignite adventure.
  • Superhero Adventures: Unleash superpowers and spark creativity.
  • Construction Crew: Build and engineer with hard hats in a fun class.
  • Castles and Crowns: Enjoy royal play and stimulate creativity.

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kids playing in open playtime

Open Playtime


Explore a world of fun at Open Playtime! Join us and watch your little one thrive in a world of imagination and joy:

  • Perfect Indoor Playground: Romp n' Roll is the ideal indoor playground for little explorers aged 3 months to 5 years.
  • Safe Learning and Play Environment: Dive into learning, play, and friendship in a safe, parent-supervised environment.
  • Clean and Colorful Space: Our bright, colorful, and clean space is filled with age-appropriate equipment, perfect for your child's adventure and growth.

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A mom and son enjoying a painting night at Romp n' Roll.

Parent and Child


Romp n' Roll in Charlotte, NC, stands out with its unique parent-child groups, often referred to as 'mommy and me' groups. We understand the significance of bonding with your child and provide the ideal setting for it. Here's what makes us special:

  • Bonding Opportunities: Our groups are designed to strengthen the parent-child connection through engaging activities.
  • Educational Activities: We offer a variety of learning activities that are both fun and informative, enhancing your child’s development.
  • Adventure and Play: Our kid-safe gym is a haven for adventure, allowing you and your child to explore and play in a secure environment.

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adults playing with kids at Romp n' Roll in Charlotte, NC

Age Group


Romp n' Roll in Charlotte, NC, is an inclusive space where children of various ages can learn and grow. Our tailored classes cater to specific age groups, ensuring an environment that aligns with their developmental stage. Here's what we offer:

  • Age-Specific Classes: Designed for ages 1-5, each class is tailored to meet the unique needs of these age groups.
  • Developmental Focus: Activities are aligned with the developmental stages of children, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Mixed Age Groups: For a diverse social experience, we also offer classes that mix different ages, promoting interaction and growth.

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A little toddler enjoying some cake at Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte birthday parites.
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