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Kids Night Out

A little girl playing with some ribbon at a kids night out event in Charlotte, NC.
A little baby playing at a Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte, NC gym.
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Kids Night Out in Charlotte, NC

Your Kids will Have Fun at Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte While You Enjoy your Evening!

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Are you seeking a well-deserved break from your daily routine while ensuring your child has a fantastic time in a safe and educational environment? Look no further than Romp n' Roll! Our Kids Night Out events in Charlotte, NC are the perfect solution for parents seeking an exciting night out and an enriching experience for their children.

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Fun-Filled Evenings for Kids

Give your little champ the coolest indoor-playground adventure! Join us at Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte, NC in where our awesome team of lively instructors is all set to guide your kiddo through a whirlwind of fun activities. From jammin' music sessions to artsy escapades and movin' and groovin', it's a whole new world of exploration, creativity, and fun-packed growth in a super-safe and mega-exciting space!

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Join the Fun

A little girl playing with music instruments at Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte's kids night out event in Charlotte, NC.
A little boy laughing with his peerd at Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte's kids night out event.
A little girl jumping on a tramp in Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte's gym.

Supervised by Caring Experts

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Inclusive for Ages 2 - 5 - No Potty-Training Required!

Calling all parents with little adventurers aged 2 - 5 — join the fun at our Kids' Night Out events! Safety is our top priority. Certified instructors are at the helm, creating a secure and loving atmosphere where kids dive into creativity, activity, and making new pals. You can relax and enjoy your night out worry-free!

Fun Galore!

Each event is a whirlwind of activities tailored to suit every kid's taste. From artsy crafts to thrilling games and group challenges, there's excitement at every turn. Whether your kiddo's an artist at heart or a team player, there's something awesome for everyone.

Parents, Rejoice!

It's your turn to unwind! While your little one has a blast, you can finally indulge in your hobbies, savor a peaceful dinner, or just chill. Our Kids' Night Out gives you that well-deserved breather, knowing your child's having a blast in a safe, engaging setting. Potty Training Not Required.

Why Choose Romp n' Roll Northwest Charlotte

Kids Night Out

Why choose Romp n' Roll for your Kids' Night Out? We understand the importance of providing a secure, engaging, and fun environment for your child while you enjoy some quality time for yourself.

At Romp n' Roll, we believe in the importance of creating lasting memories. Our Kids' Night Out events offer an opportunity for your child to socialize, make new friends, and learn through play, all while having a blast. These events often become cherished memories that children look back on with fondness.

We understand that affordability is a concern for many families. Our Kids' Night Out events are designed to be cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy a night out without breaking the bank. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs, making it convenient for both you and your child.

Participating in our Kids' Night Out events is simple. Contact Romp n' Roll in Charlotte to inquire about upcoming events and availability. Our friendly staff will provide you with all the details and help you register your child for a night of fun and learning.

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Happy Kids.
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