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Instructor-Led Kids Learning Franchise

At Romp n' Roll, we believe in the transformative power of play and education. Our instructor-led classes are designed to captivate young minds, fostering a love for learning in a dynamic and engaging environment. Here, we go beyond conventional education, recognizing that the power of play is a force to be harnessed in the journey of childhood development. With a passionate team of instructors, each session becomes an opportunity to spark intellectual curiosity and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. As we pave the way for the holistic development of children, we stand not only as a leader in children's education but also as a beacon for those seeking fulfilling childrens franchise opportunities.

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Instructor-Led Classes

Check out the wide variety of classes, activities and events offered by our franchise. Parents and their kids can come for months and never go through the same program twice.

There’s no baby-proofing needed at Romp n' Roll. Everything a baby encounters becomes a learning experience. Our Babies class helps parents and their babies work toward important developmental milestones through fun activities and socialization. Instructors lead specific activities on our padded air log that increase babies’ mobility by improving core, neck and back strength.

We also help babies focus on body awareness and encourage language development through sign language and story time. As babies become more mobile, the use of our padded stairs, ramps and other equipment helps them explore their expanding world safely. All our activities create bonding experiences between baby and parent We concentrate on baby/parent one-on-one time by singing songs and doing yoga. Just as important, grown-ups get the chance to socialize with others who are at a similar point in their lives.

Creating the Foundation for Healthy Relationships with Childrens Franchise Opportunities

Our Babies class is so much more than physical activity. Our instructors emphasize the important connections that parents and their baby are making, both with each other and with those around them. The healthy relationships parents and babies make during this time will last a lifetime.

Fun and Learning for Toddlers 10 - 24 Months

One-year-olds are adventurous learners. Children get faster and smarter every day as they move from walking to running, which keeps everyone on their toes! We don’t hear “No!” a lot at Romp n' Roll, though, because nothing is off limits. Our super safe, padded toddler gym is the perfect environment to encourage a little tyke. Children explore more than just movement. Kids are introduced to drums, maracas and other instruments, as well as many inflatable toys, stories and songs, all centered around a weekly theme. Little ones also explore our art room using more than just paint and crayons. Hands-on learning gives children an opportunity to show their creative side while developing tactile awareness, fine motor skills and a love for art. We don’t worry about the mess—just the fun!

Kids 10-18 Months

For moving babies, this is the place to keep them grooving! This parent-inclusive class designed for mobile children focuses on developing muscle groups important to those children who are progressing from crawling to walking, as well as those who are already on the move. Our equipment and activities are specially designed with the mobile baby in mind – soft equipment arranged differently each week to encourage strengthening across the board. Of course, bubbles, sign language, instruments and movement songs set the scene for a great naptime!

Kids 16-24 Months

We call these children our “runners” … because that’s just what they do! We provide the perfect combination of independent play time and class activity, working on large muscle groups and fine motor skills through activities like balloons and paddles, ball skills and parachute time. This vivacious age deserves a vivacious class that sets the stage for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Expend Their Energy Constructively

Two-year olds are amazingly active learners. Children at this age are famous for the word “NO!” but at Romp n' Roll, all they’ll hear is “YES!” Children are building their strength, expanding their vocabulary, developing their fine motor skills and more. So we’ve created an place to let them do just that: YES, you can jump on our equipment! YES, you can throw the ball inside! YES, we’re going to play the drums as loud as we can! YES, you can paint with your hands! Obstacle courses, cargo nets, rocking domes…oh my! This fun-filled class integrates just the right amounts of following direction and structure disguised as fun! With a new weekly theme, the equipment is set in a different design allowing the children to work on different skills by navigating obstacle courses and laughing all the way! And don’t forget the bubble dance party at the end!

Have Fun. Learn More. Make Friends.

Three to five-year-olds are extremely enthusiastic learners! Their brains are constantly taking in loads of information and trying to conquer the world around them. At our franchise, children focus on exploring new ideas and thoughts, becoming a team player and participating in a variety of activities from playing instruments to participating in relay games and creating recycled art. Our instructors are experts in integrating dramatic play and inspiring active participation in any number of ways. From a secret “Superhero Pow-Wow” to competing in the Olympics, we have a gym, art, music, or adventure class for everyone. Whether a child is the next Picasso or the next Michael Jordan, Romp n' Roll will nurture their minds while unleashing their inner goofball! Classes for this age group are parent-optional, which means parents can participate with their little ones, observe from the lobby or leave for an hour of “me” time. We use these classes to prepare kids for preschool, so a little independence from mom or dad just makes sense. If a child is already enrolled in a preschool program our classes are designed to complement their preschool activities.

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No. Romp n' Roll owners have a variety of professional backgrounds. While an educational background may be helpful, we look for franchise owners who are business-minded, match our core values, and are excited to share Romp n' Roll within their community.

Yes. Romp n' Roll provides a mandatory, comprehensive training program at our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Owners receive a variety of online and offline training materials to use with their employees, including a video library of our top instructors teaching every class in real time.

Romp n' Roll owners are involved in the operations of the business. Some act as the center director and are active in daily activities; others hire a manager and engage with the community, focus on marketing execution, and take care of bookkeeping needs.

Numerous factors contribute to financial returns for a business. However, our FDD Item 19 has historical financial information to help serious candidates evaluate this opportunity.

The estimated investment ranges from $321,800 - $475,450. Click here for details on estimated start-up costs.

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