Something to Celebrate: A Birthday Party Franchise

Children’s entertainment is a lucrative opportunity that has grown exponentially in the past decade.

A positive economy has freed up spending for parents, and they are more than happy to indulge their children. The Birthday Party Industry has gained a lot of traction recently and now stands as a $25 billion economic powerhouse. Long gone are the days of balloons and paper party hats. Kids now demand Frozen themed parties, moonbounces, live circus acts, and more on their special day. While it may seem extravagant, birthdays only come once a year and a special day can create a lifetime of memories for young children. Romp n’ Roll is a birthday party franchise that helps parents make dreams come true for their children. Entrepreneurs will have something to celebrate as well with our promising franchise model.

Just one of our various streams of revenue, birthday parties alone can offer up to 25% of a Franchise Owner’s sales. Unlike other kid franchises that focus solely on events, Romp n’ Roll is more than a birthday party business opportunity. Franchise Owners will benefit from two other solid revenue streams - fitness classes and summer camps. Where membership fees for daily classes make up the largest portion of revenue, birthday parties, holiday events, and summer camps are a generous supplement. Annually, the individual Romp n’ Roll locations open for more than a year produce an average of $320,590 in revenue. An investment in our kids party franchise can help you explore this financial opportunity, build a professional career, and bring the joy of celebration to your local community.

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Investment Breakdown For Owning Kids Franchises

The estimated investment range for a single location is $198,700 - $399,150. We’ve developed a franchise model that prepares entrepreneurs with all the resources they need to get a head start. Your initial investment covers all the basics:

This one time fee grants you the rights to the Romp n’ Roll brand. Single location models will pay $45,000, while multi-unit models will require a higher fee depending upon the number of units.

Before you even open your doors, we will train you to the Romp n’ Roll standards so you have the knowledge and skills required to run a successful birthday party franchise.

Necessary leasehold improvements and final finishing touches on your brand new kids franchise are covered in your initial investment.

We’ll make sure everything is looking shiny and new with our colorful, kid-approved furniture and play equipment.

From software and computers to a robust POS, you’ll have all the technology you need to run an organized business.

We’ll get you stocked up with the proper inventory and office supplies for the first three months.

Our marketing team will advertise your new location and have you prepared with new members for your big opening day. It’s time to celebrate!

Birthday Party Franchise

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