Does Your Area Fit the Target Demographic?

Posted on Jun 5th 2018


Does Your Area Fit the Target Demographic?

The children’s fitness and activity industry is booming.

The demand for quality activities and developmental programs for kids under five has grown by leaps and bounds. It mirrors that age group’s escalating population numbers.

And there are no signs of this trend slowing down.

Childhood enrichment and education for the five-and-under crowd has shown a steady 2% growth over the last six years. Additionally, it’s on target to increase another 2% over the next six years (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

This is great news for potential Romp n’ Roll franchisees, as children under five are our target market. What’s more, by 2040, studies predict there will be 25 million of them!

Romp n’ Roll has carved off a nice chunk of the $550 million children’s fitness/activity industry pie. Entrepreneurs eager to get their slice have brought this revolutionary program to children and families in their own towns.

As a potential franchisee, you are probably wondering if your own area has the target demographic to support a Romp n’ Roll franchise.

Let’s look at what demographic suits our business model and where we see the most potential to grow.

The Romp n’ Roll Demographic

With more than 200 franchises across the globe, Romp n’ Roll is experiencing rapid and steady growth.

We attribute this to our several factors:

  • Our unique enrichment and educational curriculum
  • The aforementioned increase in preschool population
  • A demand for quality programs for this age group, and
  • Our ability to successfully target parents who are at least middle income.

“We’re right on track to fulfill our vision for the future of adding 80 to 100 new franchises in the coming years,” explained Romp n’ Roll’s Franchise Development Director, Rachel Stender.

Rachel’s positive forecast is due in large part to Romp n’ Roll focusing on “being in middle income and up areas.” She adds, “That covers a lot of people.”

Parents within these income brackets have the desire and means for exceptional experiences for their children. As Rachel puts it, “No matter what, you’re always trying to find the best resources for your children.”

Romp n’ Roll Country

Medium and large metro areas provide the best breeding ground for the Romp n’ Roll brand to thrive in.

Metro areas with 10,000 babies, toddlers, and preschoolers within a five-to-seven-mile radius are typically what we look for in a new location.

Many cities along the Eastern coastline have shown strong growth in families. As such, they typically fit the demographic that has helped us rapidly expand our Romp n’ Roll family of businesses.

Some of these metro areas include:

  • Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando, Florida
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Northern Virginia/Maryland

While we have focused on these areas, we’re always interested in considering others that have demographics to support a Romp n’ Roll franchise.

We look to partner with passionate entrepreneurs in key demographic areas. Together, we’ll be able to meet our goal of becoming the largest company in our industry by the year 2030.

Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett is the Co-Founder and CEO of Romp n' Roll. In addition to leading the Romp n' Roll management team, Michael is an active member of the International Franchise Association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and serves on the Board of Directors for Connor's Heroes and Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. He and his wife, Babz, were featured on the first season of ABC-TV's Shark Tank.