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Romp n' Roll offers a wealth of mommy and me classes for you and your toddler to hang out, learn new things, and have some fun! Spending quality time with your child is one of the most important things you can do to develop a deep bond. To help parents better understand why these early bonding are so vital, below are some benefits of mommy and me classes for both you and your child.

At around 3-5 months of age, your little one is ready to spread her wings in larger groups outside the home. Many parents have grown accustomed to closing out the world around this age to secure a bond. However, attending classes with other toddlers and unfamiliar adults can help get your child more familiar with the outside world. All the talking, singing and beaming you do throughout a mommy and me class becomes the first building block of your child's socialization.

Time spent with your child in the company of other little ones is more than just fun for the both of you. It's a solid plan for bolstering your child's developing social skills and development.

Whether learning through teacher instruction, sing-alongs, or simply observing how other babies and parents interact, your child will pick up a ton of new vocabulary, learn important social cues, and begin to understand how to follow directions. In attending these classes with other toddlers, they are motivated to try new skills because they see others doing them.

Finding an interactive class with music creates an environment where parents can bond with their children and other parents! Mommy and me music classes are more than just fun. Singing along with your child exposes them to a new means of expression as they find and use new words together with you. The action of lending your voice in song with your child is social, emotional, and language building. And perhaps best of all, it creates a secure bond.

Little bodies grow fast, making physical activity super important. And some of the best bonding you could do with your toddler is participating in a shared physical activity together. When you schedule a weekly mommy and me class, you are modeling the importance of physical activity. In addition to the fantastic physical and developmental benefits of a mommy and me class, time together with your child in a gym setting is an incredible opportunity for bonding. Parents can connect with their children without the distractions of home, work, or other diversions, making it difficult to focus solely on spending physical time together.

Carving space in your schedule to bond with your child is essential. Unplugging and dedicating an hour a day to your toddler in a structured class environment will provide them with the opportunity to grow and flourish. Children naturally respond to their parent's voices and touch, stimulating their emotional, social, and cognitive development. When children see their parents singing, dancing, and playing during classes, they are more likely to join in enthusiastically with confidence and excitement.

A great way to learn tools and techniques for bonding with your children is through attending mommy and me classes. At Romp n' Roll, our staff model positive communication methods and teach parents and children songs and activities that can be reproduced at home. These approaches help foster bonding between parents and children by giving parents specifics regarding what works best depending on age. Staying involved and enthusiastic with mommy and me classes will allow you to bond with your child on a new level.

Experiencing your child in a class setting can be a great way to get to know them better. During mommy and me classes, you gain insights into what fascinates them, what doesn't intrigue them, and what they are drawn to. You also see where they initiate and where they need encouragement. Every parent and toddler relationship is special and unique and can be cultivated by spending quality time together. Participating in Mommy and me classes allows parents focused time in a playful environment to interact with their child.

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Bring your toddler in for one of our scheduled classes, romp, roll, sing, dance, and play with us. Both you and your child will have fun making new friends — our Mommy and Me classes encourage healthy social interactions and community building. Our instructors are high-energy and will have everyone singing, clapping and enjoying together.

Our parent and child classes are meant for children aged 3 months to 5 years and target important developmental milestones with learning-based play. Some of our activities include art, physical activity, music, science, and more. Whether your little one is an active tumbler or more interested in crayons and paper, there is an activity for everyone!

Don't waste any more time searching for fun activities for you and your toddler. Romp n' Roll is the place you have been looking for! From mommy and me classes to kids' night out, we have a varied schedule for young children. When you want to spend enriching time with your toddler, or you need a break to plan a date night, our staff is here to help.
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Romp n' Roll's Mommy and Me Classes are a hit for parents and kids alike.
Romp n' Roll Classes for Kids
They were very accommodating!! My son wasn’t feeling participating in the group activities and jayda told us that it was perfectly okay!! Absolutely loved our trial class
— Sarah Carney, Posted November 12th 2022 on google
My 11 month old loved it! I did as well as to how every area is baby safe and he could climb, crawl and just let lose. The class was cute with Miss Ashanti and it was fun how they got a few minutes of free play before coming back into it. Will definitely be applying for a membership. I work from home so he's with me al...
— Ana, Posted October 25th 2022 on google
Had my daughters first birthday with Romp n Roll west end and I was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY blown away. It was so much fun. They made set up and clean up a breeze. The kids stayed entertained and the staff was amazing. So attentive, fun, and friendly. Highly recommend!
— Alexis Ann, Posted October 23rd 2022 on google
We had a wonderful experience at 2 for tykes. The staff were fantastic, the facility was spanking clean and my son had the time of his life!
— Meagan Stone, Posted October 8th 2022 on google
We love it here. The staff and environmrnt are wonderful. Excellent for socialization, excercise and learning.
— CRYSTAL Nuckols, Posted September 27th 2022 on google
Amazing and attentive Kids Night out staff.
— Terrencia Flournoy, Posted September 10th 2022 on google
Romp n Roll is an awesome place!!! The classes are so much fun. My son who’s 3 literally asks to come everyday. It’s his favorite place. We take classes and do Parents Morning Out as well as Open Playtime. We’ve been coming for about a year now and my son loves it. I honestly wish you all were a preschool. It’s...
— Respectapole Dance Fitness Elaine, Posted July 12th 2022 on google
My son loves Romp n' Roll! Each class is engaging and fun as well as the teachers are great with kids/leading a class. It's always a great experience! :)
— N. C., Posted July 6th 2022 on google
Amazing place and Amazing staff!! Been to birthday parties and dropped off for Moms morning out. Our little one absolutely loves this place! Do yourself and your kids a favor and take them here!
— Jason Nicholas, Posted July 6th 2022 on google
We attended a 1-hour trial class. What we liked: -Good size small group -Structured but not micromanaged/forced -Good pace for age group (around 2 years) -Variety, different activities -Climate-controlled, nice change of pace/break from humid heat Why we probably will NOT become members: -monthly membership costs mor...
— Angela Al Hasani, Posted June 16th 2022 on google
I am very pleased with my experience at Rompn Roll. The staff are very friendly. Easy to manage the schedule too! Also my child loves it there! He looks forward to going there everyday!
— Teacher Joan, Posted June 6th 2022 on google
The staff were friendly and helpful , the facility was clean, overall my daughter and I both enjoyed it!
— Jasmine Icler, Posted May 17th 2022 on google
REVISED: These guys really care about their clients! The manager (who is terrific!) noticed my concerns and took time to talk thru/address them. So we're hoping some of our frustrations are coming to an end as they open more classes and hire more staff. As I said in my previous review - my daughter loves this place and...
— Sara Mase, Posted May 1st 2022 on google
We have been going to romp and roll for two years. My daughter started when she was two and now my son is 18 months. He has been going since birth, at first in a baby carrier and now to classes. We love Romp N Roll. We have made many friendships, it’s a great place to meet other parents with small children, and my da...
— A R, Posted April 18th 2022 on google
My kid loves it so much she asked if she could live at Romp n Roll! so.. can she? 🤭😅
, Posted March 9th 2022 on facebook
I had an amazing time with my little one and I think other moms and dads would to! The place is nice and the customer service top notch!
— Ashley Holloman, Posted February 22nd 2022 on google
My 2 year old looks forward to coming to her weekly class. She gets so excited when she sees the rocks in the parking lot and knows exactly where we're going. Class has helped her explore her independence and become more social with peers. We love Romp N Roll
— Jennifer Gernat, Posted February 1st 2022 on google
I had originally written a one star review, reflecting what I thought was completely blatant unprofessionalism, which I was mistaken entirely. Babz is a wonderful person. Hands down, the behavior and negligence of the staffing during a pandemic does not and will remain not being relatable to the way she runs this loca...
— Melissa Meadows, Posted February 1st 2022 on google
Covid safe environment, super fun play area, and the teacher was great!
— Dylan (XB1 RisingPhoenixTG), Posted January 23rd 2022 on google
My nine month old son and I had the BEST time at Romp n Roll and already can’t wait to go back! I’m so glad Marshall’s first class was with Maggie - she was incredibly inviting, kind, and fun!
— Ana Stumpf, Posted January 21st 2022 on google