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Romp n' Roll Winter Camps

A little girl on a purple matt, having fun at Romp n' Roll's winter camp.
Romp n' Roll little girl playing on gym euqipment at our winter camps.
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Winter Camps

Unwrap the Magic at Romp n' Roll

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The winter season is a time of frosty mornings, cozy sweaters, and an array of fun activities. At Romp n' Roll, we're thrilled to warm up the season with our Winter Camps for kids . Designed for kids aged 2 - 5, our camp sessions are a delightful blend of singing, games, art, and vibrant activities in our colorful kids' gym.

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Winter Camp Fun at Romp n' Roll

We believe in encouraging children to move, explore, and have a blast. That's why we ask campers to come dressed for comfortable movement, in clothes that can get a little messy. Winter Camp is all about active play, creativity, and learning through fun, interactive activities. Don't worry if your child is not yet potty-trained because it's not a requirement for our camp. Simply provide us with a plentiful supply of labeled diapers or pull-ups, and we'll ensure your child is comfortable throughout their camp experience.

Winter Camp at Romp n' Roll is open to everyone, regardless of whether your child is a member or currently enrolled in our classes. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the winter season with us. If you're new to Romp n' Roll and want to experience our vibrant kids' gym before the camp begins, you're in luck! We invite you to request a trial class for you and your child. It's a fantastic way to get a taste of the adventure that awaits during our Winter Camp.

A little boy having fun at one of Romp n' Roll winter camps for kids.
A little boy playing on a yellow slide at Romp n' Roll's winter camps for kids.
A group of kids playing with toys at Romp n' Roll winter camps for kids.

Winter Wonderland Adventures:

Join the Chill-Tastic Fun at Romp n' Roll

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Winter might bring cozy vibes, but at Romp n' Roll, it's all about breaking free from hibernation! We're all about creating social superstars. Whether your kiddo's a social butterfly or prefers a bit of observation time, our incredible instructors have tricks up their sleeves to make everyone feel right at home. Our camp activities are all about fun, connecting with friends, and starting that journey towards independence in the coolest ways possible!

  • It might be chilly outside, but there is LOTS of fun inside
  • Certified Expert Fun Instructors
  • Break-up the boredom
  • Themed activities
  • Enjoy social interactions with other kids and families
  • Move your body and be active
  • Create things
  • Play with things
  • Sing things and just explore!

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A little girl with pink glasses laughing with her peers at Romp n' Roll.

Unleash the Magic of Winter with
Romp n' Roll

Winter in Katy becomes a wonderland for your child! It's a time for discovering, creating, and forging new bonds. Don't let this magical season slip by without giving your little one an unforgettable experience. Join Romp n' Roll's Winter Camp now and guarantee your child a ticket to a world of thrilling adventures, endless fun, and exciting learning. Winter's never been this awesome, and the journey begins right here at Romp n' Roll's Winter Camp in Katy. Explore all our camps by clicking here!

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