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A group of boys enjoying one of Romp n' Roll's many fall camps.
Romp n' Roll little girl playing on gym euqipment at our fall break camps.
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Fall Camps for Kids

Unleash the Fun at Romp n' Roll

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As the leaves put on their colorful show, it's time for your kiddo to dive into a world of excitement and creativity at our Fall Camps! Imagine a place where adventure meets new friendships, all under the watchful eye of our trained and certified instructors. Our fall camps for kids are like a burst of fun where every child gets to play, explore, and have an absolute blast while growing and learning.

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Tailored for Young Campers

Our Fall Camp is exclusively for children aged two to five, and the best part is that no potty training is needed. If your child is still in the process of potty training, simply provide us with diapers or pull-ups, and we'll take care of the rest. We understand that young children have unique needs, and our camp is designed to cater to those specific requirements.

Each day at our Fall Camp is packed with energy, excitement, and early learning. We go above and beyond to make every camp day extra special for your young ones. Our camps are themed, and each week brings a new theme that includes a wide range of engaging activities and creativity. The main activity of each day is centered around the camp's theme, ensuring that your child stays engaged and interested in the lessons all week long.

A little girl drawing at one of Romp n' Roll fall break camps.
A boy participating in one of Romp n' Roll's fall camps for kids.
A little boy playing with musice instruments at Romp n' Roll fall break camps.

Fall Camps Bring the Fun Inside

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The fall season is like a magic carpet ride of colors and cozy vibes—perfect for kids to dive into a world of seriously fun activities! Romp n' Roll gets how epic fall break can be. That's why our fall camp for kids is the ultimate memory-maker, custom-designed for those awesome little ones aged two to five. Get set for a whirlwind of laughter and learning they'll talk about for ages!

  • It might be chilly outside, but there is LOTS of fun inside
  • Certified Expert Fun Instructors
  • Break-up the boredom
  • Themed activities
  • Enjoy social interactions with other kids and families
  • Move your body and be active
  • Create things
  • Play with things
  • Sing things and just explore!

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Secure Your Child's Spot

Fall is a season of transformation, and Romp n' Roll's Fall Camp is a transformative experience for children. Don't miss the opportunity to make this fall memorable for your child. Secure your child's spot in our Fall Camp today and ensure they have a season filled with adventure, fun, and learning. Fall has never been this exciting, and it all starts at Romp n' Roll's Fall Camp!

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