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Helping Your Kids Stay Active During Back to School

Posted on Aug 23rd 2022


Helping Your Kids Stay Active During Back to School

Parents have a love–hate relationship when it comes to summer ending and school starting. We are sad the freedoms and playfulness of summer are over but happy the structure and routines of school are back. One drawback of school starting again is the difficulty of keeping your kids active like they were during the summer.

Children need 60 minutes of physical activity daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Scheduling a solid 60 minutes of exercise may be challenging with a busy schedule, so we recommend breaking that up and finding time throughout the day. Below, we have compiled a few ideas to help your kids stay active during back to school.

Depending on your morning routine, you may be able to fit in a couple of minutes of physical activity with a slight adjustment or two. You could try walking the dog with your kids, walking or biking to school, or some morning yoga as a family.

School Aged Kids: For kids that attend a full day of school, you might be worried about how they can get any physical activity sitting in class all day. Many elementary school kids get recess, so you can encourage your child to be active during that time. They can climb on the playground equipment or play group games on the field. Many students will also have a physical education class where they can move and get structured exercise.

Toddlers: If you have younger kids who do not attend school, there are still plenty of ways to get some physical exercise. You can take them to a local park, take a fun walk, or even attend a local class for kids! We've designed the classes at Romp n' Roll for kids aged three months to five years. We use play–based learning to entertain and teach your kids. The Romp n' Roll classes are a perfect way to get some physical exercise during the school day and have a blast simultaneously.

When your school–aged kids finish their day, they can walk or ride their bikes home or get out and play with their friends. Also, depending on your area, you can enroll your child in after–school programs, soccer teams, gymnastics, swimming lessons, and more. Utilizing time after school is an excellent opportunity for your child to release some energy and get exercise.

Before or after dinner is a great time to get some physical exercise. You can go on a walk, play catch in your yard or at a park, or even have a family dance party! After dinner is a great time to come together as a family and exercise together.

This family is taking a walk in the fall weather - learn more tips to stay active with your kids with Romp n' Roll.

Final Takeaways

As your kids return to school and you shift your routines, your kids should continue to get about 60 minutes of exercise. The 60 minutes don't have to be done all at once. Instead, you can break that time into smaller, more manageable sections. Take a look at your schedule and see where you can make time for your kids to exercise. We also suggest making it a family practice so everyone can participate and feel included. Showing your kids that you are willing to move and exercise will make them more willing to participate.

It can be hard to find time to fit physical activity into your day, but with a few minor adjustments, it can be done! The curriculum at Romp n' Roll is excellent for getting kids to be active and helping them learn simultaneously. Check out our wide variety of classes and sign your kids up today!