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Toddler Birthday Party Planning

Toddler Birthday Party Planning

Feb 22nd, 2021

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Birthdays are special for younger children and should be celebrated with gusto. Planning a big event is a great way for your little one to celebrate with their friends and feel loved. If you're like most parents, finding the time and energy to plan can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips that can ensure an easy birthday party planning process:

  1. Involve the Birthday Prince(ss)
  2. Unless you’re planning a surprise party, be sure to involve your little one in the process. It is his or her birthday after all! Your child may have special requests or ideas for a party theme. This is also a good time to ask your child who they want to be invited to the party. While toddlers may not have much input, children aged 4 years and older may have preferences about the theme, invites, food and activities, so take the time to listen to them before making any solid plans.

  3. Guest List & Invitations
  4. The guest list is a great way to budget for the party. The general rule is that the more guests there are, the more expensive the party will be. If you're choosing to host the party at a venue there may be a guest cap, so be sure to ask. Once you have your guest list, send out invitations (either by mail or email) with RSVP instructions. If your child is a toddler be sure to consider planning around the usual nap times.

  5. Party Theme
  6. Does your daughter love Elsa from Frozen, or is Superman your son’s favorite superhero? Having a theme for the birthday party is an easy way to choose activities and decorations. Other than movies and superheroes, some great themes include arts and crafts, princess dress-up, or a pool day (for summer parties).

  7. Plan Activities
  8. Once you’ve got your theme in place, it’s a good idea to think about organized activities. Do a quick web search for birthday party games or ask your child what their favorite schoolyard games are. While you don't need to have activities planned for every minute of the party (kids like to run around and play on their own), it's good to have a few things scheduled for the beginning of the event. Don't forget to set aside time for food, cake, and presents!

  9. Minimal Menu
  10. Children's parties are much shorter than adult events, so there's no need to go overboard with the food. Preparing an easy homemade meal like pasta, or ordering in pizza, are great party meal ideas. Most kids will be too busy playing and running around to even think about eating, so don't feel pressured to plan an elaborate meal. They certainly will be expecting cake, however, so make sure you've got the candles ready!

    Finishing Touches

    Party favors and thank you notes are not a must, but they certainly add a nice detail to any birthday. If you’re doing party favors, choose small goodie bags and fill them with toys and candies that relate to your theme. If your child chooses an art and crafts party theme, be sure to send each child home with their creation. Handmade notes are a wonderful way to say thank you to all the guests and their parents!

If all this planning talk has you overwhelmed, don’t worry! There are plenty of kids birthday party venues near you that can ease the birthday party planning stress. Romp n’ Roll offers birthday party events and we encourage kids to come and make a mess while parents relax -- our staff handles the set-up, party activities, and clean-up!

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