Temperament Is a Two-Way Street

Several researchers have attempted to assess the temperament of infants so they can tell parents if they have an “easy” or “difficult” baby.  These efforts have been largely unsuccessful.  While some children do display stable temperamental patterns right from birth, most will go through a series of different phases before things settle down after two or three years. Continue reading

Two Birds with One Program

It is an unfortunate fact that being presented with a new sibling is often devastating for a young child.  After all, his socio-emotional world largely consists almost exclusively of mother and father, so introducing a competitor for the attention and affection of his parents constitutes a serious threat. DSC_7743 - scaled

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“Winter Luau” Camp

Winter Camp

School will be out and the snow may fly, but we’ll be turning up the heat during the holiday break with our “Winter Luau” camp!

Monday, December 29th – 9am to noon

Tuesday, December 30th – 9am to noon

Participate in one or both days and have a blast with beach limbo and volleyball, summer-themed art activities and more!  Cost is just $30 per day for enrolled members and $35 per day for non-members, which includes a nut-free snack for children ages 2 through 5.  Children do not need to be potty trained.

Call (804) 364-6363 to enroll or register online at West End, Midlothian and Mechanicsville!

Patience and Compassion Produce Independence

One of the most important psychological tasks of toddlerhood is achieving autonomy, that is, a sense of independence.  An infant obviously is dependent on others for virtually everything.  But a toddler is learning that he can do things for himself.

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Respecting Centration

It is important to remember that it is not merely that children know less than adults, they think differently.  The mental machinery of the early years is still rather crude and unsophisticated, and it has many heavy-duty limitations.  Consequently, if your little one cannot perform certain tasks or does seemingly stupid things, keep in your mind the fact that her mind does not yet have the ability to operate like yours. Continue reading