Reviews You Can Trust

Are you looking for a competent pediatrician?  A reliable babysitter?  A new child car seat?  A family-friendly restaurant?  There are several web sites you can visit that will give you relevant guidance.  But no matter how highly these web sites tout themselves, you probably can’t help harboring some doubt about the reliability of their recommendations. Continue reading

How Do They Know That?

Have you heard or read that as early as a day or two of age, a newborn baby already shows a preference for his mother’s voice over the voices of other people?  I could ask you if you think that is true or not.  But the more important question is, how do they know that?  Is it like American Idol where a bunch of people on stage are talking and the baby sends a text indicating the one he likes best?  Do they give the baby a pad of paper and a pen so he can rate the voices from 1 to 10? Continue reading

The Key to Happiness

I’ve always said that it takes very little to make a child happy.  Unfortunately, finding out what it is can take all day.  Furthermore, when you finally discover something that brings your little one tremendous delight, the next day she may very well declare she wants something different. Continue reading

The Unique Advantage of Art

There are many reasons why I recommend enrolling a child in an Art class at Romp n’ Roll.  Most of those reasons are relevant to other classes as well.  But there is one that is virtually unique to the art programs. Continue reading

Healthy Selfishness

You have just enrolled your child in a parent-optional class at Romp n’ Roll.  You are looking forward to getting a mani/pedi, enjoying a peaceful latte, or simply taking a shower in complete privacy.  Suddenly you are overcome by a wave of guilt.  Are you being a bad parent by “abandoning” your little one just so you can have some time for yourself? Continue reading