The Fear Factor

Let’s say your little one has climbed to the top of a piece of equipment at Romp n’ Roll and is getting prepared to jump onto the mat below.  Suddenly she freezes and says she is afraid.  What should you do?  Belittle her for being timid?  Smile broadly and encourage her to overcome her reluctance?  Tell her it is okay and help her climb back down? Continue reading

Adaptive Parenting

I remember going grocery shopping with my mother when I was about four years old.  She purchased a blueberry pie, my sister’s favorite, for dessert that evening.  As she was unloading the bags from the car, she dropped the pie, causing it to break into several messy pieces.  All I could do was imagine my sister’s severe disappointment. Continue reading

Size/Shape Constancy

Do you draw or paint?  If you want to make something appear far away on a two-dimensional canvas or piece of paper, how do you do that?  You make it smaller.  The reason this works is that as objects move farther away, their image on the retina of our eye gets smaller. Continue reading