Thank You For Voting Us “Best Birthday Party” in Richmond

Birthday Bash at Romp n' RollWe were so honored this week to find out that the readers of Style Weekly in Richmond, VA voted Romp n’ Roll as the #1 place to “celebrate a birthday”!  When we started Romp n’ Roll 10 years ago, one of our goals was to create a birthday party experience that made it fun and easy for parents to celebrate their child’s big day, as opposed to stressing out about all of the party details.  It’s so gratifying to know that you like what we do!

One of the things that makes our parties special is that parents are provided with a list of age-appropriate activities to choose from.  This ensures that the activities our instructors lead with the children are well-liked by the birthday boy or girl.  It also makes every party we do a little different.

If you’re not familiar with our parties, check them out and see why we were voted #1.  Again, thanks to all who voted for us!

Super-Ego Makes You a Super-Hero

I’m sure you have heard the terms Id, Ego, and Super-Ego, but do you know what they are all about?  Well, according to psychoanalytic theory, our actions result from the interaction of these three little guys in our head.  The Id represents our basic needs and desires – I want what I want when I want it.  The Ego is the rational decision maker – it is his job to figure out a way to get the Id what it wants.  But the Ego is constrained by the Super-Ego who represents the requirements and expectations of society—in other words, your conscience. Continue reading

Overcoming Functional Fixedness in Open Gym

Obviously, taking your child to Open Gym at Romp n’ Roll is a great way for her to blow off excess energy and entertain herself through healthy exercise instead of sitting in front of the TV set.  What may not be so obvious is that it also is an excellent opportunity for her to develop a wonderfully flexible and adaptive mind. Continue reading

Your Baby Can’t Read

You may have noticed recent news reports about the company behind the “Your Baby Can Read” program being forced to retract the claims about its effectiveness and even refund some of the dollars received from parents who bought into it.  While infants can be “trained” to perform some seemingly impressive behaviors, they are not really being “educated” in a meaningful way. Continue reading

Potty Training Not Required

One of the many reasons I am extremely proud of my association with Romp n’ Roll is the notation at the end of class and camp descriptions that preschoolers need not be potty trained to participate.  I am often shocked and dismayed to see how many programs that purport to be promoting child development and early education do make this a requirement.

Continue reading