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Went to a 4yo birthday party here. It was done very well! Staff was incredibly friendly and very engaging with kids and parents. Place was incredibly clean and most of fun! Max age is 6yo.
— Hillary Bourdon
Posted August 10th 2019
I was coming down to Florida from Tennessee to have fun with my two girls 5 and 2 years old for summer break. I googled things to do around in Florida to have the girls busy in classes instead of staying in my mother in laws home bored every day. I came up with Romp’n’roll website and decided would be nice to buy some classes to check it out. I bought two gymnastics classes $50 to check it out online. When arrived to Florida and went in to the facility, everything seemed too little and too childish for my 5 year old but still I wanted her to try it out. At that time they didn’t have classes to put her in so they told me we could go in for the open gym! I looked around and thought why is it empty. There where only baby’s in the room. Thankfully I had gone with my sister and her two boys and my daughters friend, so she actually wasn’t alone in the play area but the place did not have much for her to be entertained with and I immediately thought what did I just buy? I spent $89 for ten of this boring open gym! My daughter was done with the place and wanted to go in only 20 min of being there, because there was nothing else to do beside one gymnastics bar and some floor mats. Before leaving the place, I spoke with the young woman in the front desk about changing to classes with the money I had spent for those open gyms and she said she would call me and let me know if the owner was ok with that. I got a call few days after and they said that I couldn’t change to classes for that money I had paid nor get my money back. I asked to speak to the owner and the manager said I’m the one in charge now because owner is out on maternity leave. So I said well this is not acceptable and I need to get with the owner somehow. They said there’s nothing we can do for you. I honestly don’t know how this place is open. They do not care if customers are happy or not! They don’t even know how to work their computer system. It is unbelievable that they would not work with me, to try to make customers happy. Very very disappointed. I will let all my friends with kids down in Florida know about them and how badly they treat the customers.
— Lore Rodz
Posted July 12th 2019
This is a great place for children! Kira’s birthday party was fantastic and geared to her age! It was organized, safe , fun and was run very professionally! I highly recommend Romp and Roll.
— Terrie England
Posted June 9th 2019
Awesome time for the kiddos!!! My daughter just had her 5th birthday celebration and it was amazing, the staff was so helpful they help me with everything and the area is so big that the parents can interact with no problem 👍🏼
— Jack Gabi Omar Britton
Posted April 13th 2019
Just had my daughter’s 4th birthday party here and they did an amazing job! It is perfect for this age group and the staff leading it, really were great with all the kids. They entertained them with various activities and tuckered them out. They also set up and cleaned up decorations and cake. I would highly recommend.
— Julie Smith
Posted February 10th 2019
This is a Gym for children between 10months to 5 years. They have art, music and gym classes, and open play time! They have very great teachers and they direct children to all activities! They also have consistency and routine in each classroom! It helps children with lots of energy to keep active but focused! Help parents to provide a good experience to their child! They use transitions to each activity, they teach children how to develop their creativity and self discipline! Always treating each child as unique! My daughter loves coming here! This is a great option to keep children of the screen for so long !
— Luciana A.
Posted January 28th 2019
People are friendly and our 2 year old loves going there. It’s relaxing for parents as well.
— Liefke Cox
Posted November 14th 2018
It’s a wonderful place for children to learn,play and meet new friends
— Diane Costello
Posted October 26th 2018
Romp N Roll was a great venue for our daughters 4th birthday party. We choose the 1 1/2 session. The kids enjoyed themselves and the activities during the first hour in the gym and the last 30 minutes was just enough time to sing happy birthday, cut the cake and have a light snack. We loved how the staff took care of putting up and taking down all the decorations, as well as food setup allowing us to focus on having fun with our guests. We highly recommend Romp N Roll!
— Kerry-Anne Machado
Posted October 9th 2018
We love Romp n' Roll! My kids have so much fun and look forward to going. My daughter wants to go every day! The schedule is flexible, the classes are fantastic and the teachers are amazing!
— Jennifer Aga
Posted September 14th 2018
My 2 year old loves this place!  Fun, creative, and clean!  The gym is great if she needs to burn some energy but my daughter loves the Art and Princess classes the best.  They make the cutest craft projects and give them time to play with toys too.  The staff goes above and beyond to make sure my daughter is having fun.
— Cinamin T.
Posted August 26th 2018
Our 11 month old loves going to Romp n' Roll! He has so much fun climbing, singing songs, playing with instruments, and popping bubbles! Luca loves his teacher Miss Elle and she does a wonderful job keeping all of the little ones engaged during the class. We are so happy that we found a place that is both fun and educational to take him to!
— Taylor Miller
Posted August 14th 2018
Wonderful staff! I am homeschooling my preschool age son and its such a great way to have social interaction at a young age. So many class options, from sports to gymnastics to music. Highly recommend! :)
— Amanda Sookram
Posted August 13th 2018
Love this place, my daughter does not go to daycare so this is the perfect place to start learning school atmosphere and socialize with kids. My daughter is in love with Miss. Dawn! I only wish the open gym could be used after classes if there is no gym class going on.
— Caline S.
Posted August 12th 2018
It is my daughter Ariana's second year straight she's coming to Romp and Roll daily since they opened last year. I am so glad to send her everyday and she is full of excitement everyday she goes.Different classes scheduled daily are very much age appropriate and give more learning and exposure to kids.The teachers and staff is so amazing. It is the best decision ever. Keep up the good work 😊
— Kiren R Singh
Posted August 9th 2018
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