Upcoming classes for three-year-olds in Wilmington

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Classes for Three-Year-Olds in Wilmington

Enriching growing minds and nurturing social skills for 3 yr olds

Three years old is when it's time for their imagination to run wild! This magical stage is filled with constant questions as their little brains are working to understand the world and information around them. Preschool is often introduced at this age as 3 year olds experience rapid growth in language, cognitive, motor and social skills. At Wilmington, we foster your little genius's curiosity with new ideas while helping them learn to interact with peers through a variety of activities created to stimulate your little one's imagination and nurture their social growth. Our instructors are experts in integrating physical activity, music, art and adventure through dramatic play, instruments, recycled art and relay games. Wilmington classes are always fun, educational and imaginative designed to unleash your child's inner Picasso, Michael Jordan or inner goofball!

At this age, classes are parent-optional. You are welcome to stay and participate with your child, observe from our lobby, or even leave for a rare hour of "me" time. These classes are designed to prepare kids for preschool, so we encourage a little independence from mom or dad but also understand that it can take time to adjust. Is your little one already enrolled in a preschool program? Through our extensive research and thoughtful curriculum, our classes have been designed to complement their preschool activities.

Upcoming classes for three-year-olds in Wilmington

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Birthday Parties

They make the mess. We clean it up.

Want to create lasting memories for your child's birthday, without any of the stress of cleaning and planning? Allow our team to handle it! From providing paper and online invitations, to leading age-appropriate games and activities, to cleaning up... we do it all! Experience for yourself why we are the top choice for kids birthday party places in Wilmington by booking your party venue online.

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Camps and Events

Fun & friendship for kids ages 2-5

Our kids gym plays host to the best camp around! At Wilmington, we invite little ones between the ages of 2 through 5 to experience the energy, creativity, and socialization of day camp. Our camps take place in the summer, winter, and over spring break.

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More Reasons To Choose Wilmington

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Welcoming Atmosphere

Our bright, whimsical facilities were thoughtfully crafted to stimulate and engage little ones while keeping them safe. An abundance of colorful vinyl foam in the design makes things comfortable and easy to clean. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have a blast on our age-appropriate gym equipment

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Social Interaction

Little ones can socialize with other children and learn valuable life skills from each other. Our classes and activities are designed to foster independence, build confidence, and nurture creativity among kids between the ages of 3 months through 5 years old; providing peer-to-peer interaction that's vital to their growth.

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Growth & Development

Our play-based curriculum developed from extensive research and our own experiences. Our developmentally appropriate art, music, and movement classes and activities build physical and cognitive skills during these important formative years-but all kids know is that they're having fun!

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Parent-Child Connection

Based on our research, we discovered that little ones progress most effectively when they're in the presence of parents and loved ones who express excitement and pride for their achievements. Our classes are parent-friendly, so they can take part in positive, shared fun with their child.

Wilmington Classes for Kids