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Romp n' Roll Willow Grove Classes for Kids
The staff are so helpful, the place was really clean, so fun for kids. My 1 year old and 4 year old both had an amazing time!
— Angela Liem, Posted September 6th 2022 on google
It felt very inclusive and welcoming. My son had a blast! We will be coming back every time we are in town visiting my parents!
— Courtney Smyth, Posted July 23rd 2022 on google
I was unsure about how my nieces experience at romp and roll would go. She is 13 months old and has never been in a structured classroom setting before. I was prepared to have to leave in the middle of our session if she was being disruptive or wasn't participating in a way that she was expected to. The staff at romp a...
— Sarah Niedrist, Posted July 9th 2022 on google
The gym was spotless and the staff was amazing! My little girl had a blast! It really was a great experience.
— Brian Rigler, Posted July 4th 2022 on google
I have been bringing my daughter since she was around 1 year old and now she is almost 5! I have a great rapport with all the staff, and I love the variety of options for my daughter. We have a great time and I will continue to bring her until she ages out!
— Tiffany Smith, Posted June 26th 2022 on google
This place is awesome! Staffs are fabulous! They really try their best to work out with you. Highly recommend take actions when they have their promotions and deals. My daughter, now 4.8yo, started off at Romp n Roll when she was a little over 2yo. She loves it there. At that age, she joined plenty of Rhythm and Rhym...
— Cathy W (Cat), Posted June 17th 2022 on google
Such a fun day outside today, filled with activity, suggestion, recommendation, toys, stimulation, and upbeat attitude and music.
— mrs z, Posted June 8th 2022 on google
We absolutely love romp n roll!!! We have a very active 16 month old (we joined at 11 months) and this has become our favorite place to let her come run around. The staff is so happy and welcoming. They make us feel so comfortable when we are there. Kayla loves all of the activities during classes and “bubble” is o...
— Gina Brienza, Posted April 6th 2022 on google
Amazing owners, clean and safe environment, and most of all-- it's FUN. My kid loves Romp n Roll!
— Dana Bertotti, Posted March 1st 2022 on google
The customer service couldn't be better. Anytime I have any issues, if I email I am replied to and helped right away, or called back! The staff is so friendly, the facility is clean, and just so fun! Also the clients (kids and parents) I have encountered there are so nice, respectful and interactive with their kids (it...
— Petelyn Barnes, Posted February 22nd 2022 on google
My daughter had an amazing time during her gym class. The teacher was kind and engaged. We will definitely be back soon!!!!!!!!
— Nikole Gressel, Posted February 13th 2022 on google
Romp n Roll offers plenty of classes for all ages. What I love most is the diversity, cleanliness, friendly staff members, and how great it is to connect with other parents. I had my son’s second birthday at Romp n Roll and it was a perfect time! Everything was set up for us, it was organized, plenty of activities, a...
— Ashley Rivera, Posted February 12th 2022 on google
awesome place to visit. Very accommodating
— leo nestico, Posted February 6th 2022 on google
The staff is amazing! Facilities are super clean and my kid LOVES it there!
— Tiffany Grant, Posted February 4th 2022 on google
I loved the atmosphere it was perfect for kids of all ages to allow them to explore and discover! Tiffany was an amazing instructor and worked incredible with the kids. It was my daughters first time and Tiffany went out of her way to keep my daughter engaged throughout!! We will definitely be back
— richard griffin, Posted January 16th 2022 on google
Every single person in there is amazing. They treat each child like they are their own. My child has grown and developed so much since starting there.
— Dana Carroll, Posted January 11th 2022 on google
Took my 4 month old to a class and he loved it.
— TBennett48, Posted December 24th 2021 on google
I love all the activities that we do with kids. My daughter is learning a lot in each class we attend. My husband and I are super happy that our daughter gets to go to such a happy, fun and colorful place.
— Grishma Patel, Posted December 21st 2021 on google
Lisa was fantastic, full of energy and was really able to show the spirit of Romp n Roll! As it was our trial class we were unsure what to expect, but we walked out with a membership!
— Samantha B, Posted December 9th 2021 on google
The staff are so kind and patient. Even when my little one has her “silly pants” on (which is almost every class) they remain un phased and continue being kind and patient and keep the class running smoothly.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted December 5th 2021 on facebook