Romp n' Roll Willow Grove

Kid–Friendly Activities for Cooler Months

Posted on Nov 28th 2022

Staying inside during chilly months does not have to be boring, and there are still plenty of opportunities to be active. Remember, Romp n' Roll Willow Grove is here to help with awesome, fun indoor activities to keep kids entertained and active all year long. Sign your child up for a class today!

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Easy Holiday Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Posted on Nov 22nd 2022

There are all kinds of holidays to learn about and celebrate as the year ends. You and your preschooler can try these holiday crafts to learn about other cultures and festivities.

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Helping Your Kids Stay Active During Back to School

Posted on Aug 23rd 2022

Children need 60 minutes of physical activity daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Scheduling a solid 60 minutes of exercise may be challenging with a busy schedule, so we recommend breaking that up and finding time throughout the day. We have compiled a few ideas to help your kids stay active during back to school.

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Why and How Should You Introduce Your Children to Music?

Posted on Jul 27th 2022

There are few things cuter than a baby bobbin’ and dancin’ along to a song. But have you ever wondered why babies enjoy and groove to music so quickly? It’s because music makes them (and us) feel good, so we naturally move and sway to the beat! Introducing your child to music takes advantage of that inherent desire to groove. It can be a beneficial and delightful part of your and your child’s life.

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How to Promote Independence in Children

Posted on Jul 12th 2022

Children learn to make choices and become their own person as they grow. This is exhilarating for a child but can also be frustrating for parents. At Romp n' Roll Willow Grove, we believe in promoting independence in children because sets them up for success in the future! Click for our tips to promote independence in your child while fostering a good relationship with them.

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