Creating Inspiring At-Home Learning Spaces

Posted on Jan 26th 2021


Creating Inspiring At-Home Learning Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic led to virtual learning and more time spent at home for families across the nation. As the new year begins, parents can expect a blend of in-school learning and virtual classes. If your child struggled with adapting to virtual learning this past year, here are a few tips for creating a more inspiring learning environment at home.


A clean, organized space is important for concentration. Before the home became a school, children's rooms and play spaces were normally filled with toys and games. But a messy room is enough to distract children from their lessons on the computer. Keep things organized with stackable bins or shelving units with colorful drawers. Separate school items from toys so children are not distracted during lesson time. Keeping important assignments in color-coded binders and folders can also help children stay on top of their assignments.

Romp n' Roll Wethersfield kids gym suggests keeping supplies organized in color-coded binders and bins to help children stay concentrated.

Playful Design

If you have a spare room you'd like to renovate into a home learning center, take inspiration from your child's previous preschool or daycare. Focus on bright colors and playful designs to make your child feel happy and inspired. Consider adding a chalkboard or whiteboard that your child can draw on and other learning-based toys. For toddlers, building blocks and colorful objects can encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Romp n' Roll Wethersfield kids gym encourages playful designs for at-home learning.

Work Spaces

For older children that are completing assignments, it is important to have a dedicated workspace. Consider purchasing a school desk and creating a mini version of your at-home office. They'll feel back in school! If you don't have a child's desk, you can use a small work table and plastic chairs. Invest in good lighting or place the table near a window to take advantage of natural light.

Romp n' Roll Wethersfield kids gym thinks it is important to have a dedicated workspace for at-home learning.

Creative Tools

Make sure your child has all the tools she or he needs for creative work. Pens, paper, markers, pencils, folders, and sticky notes. For more creative play, invest in paints, construction paper, and other arts and crafts supplies. Many children are suffering from a lack of creative play as virtual learning is limited to academic subjects. You can enrich your child's normal lessons by spending an extra hour with them working on creative projects.

Romp n' Roll Wethersfield kids gym suggests providing a variety of creative tools for child's imagination.

Safety First

Whether for learning or play, any room that your child spends a lot of time in should be child-proofed. Place outlet covers in any accessible outlets and ensure blind chords and other dangers are out of reach. Always monitor your child while he or she is engaging in play.

Romp n' Roll Wethersfield kids gym recommends parents monitoring children to ensure safe learning.

While it's important for children to have their own creative learning space in the home, it's also important for children to get out and about. Physical activity and social interaction are two important keys to healthy childhood development. Romp n' Roll kids gym offers fitness and creative learning classes for young children.