Celebrate The Holidays With Learning-Themed Gifts

Posted on Dec 21st 2020


Celebrate The Holidays With Learning-Themed Gifts

Plastic toys, board games, and technology games are commonly placed under the tree every Christmas. While these gifts bring momentary happiness, they are quickly forgotten and usually wind up at the bottom of the toy bin. Instead of spending all your money on toys this holiday season, consider giving your children gifts that will have a more lasting impact. Experiences, events, or games that are based on learning and cognitive development are great options.

When purchasing gifts for the holiday season, consider these important aspects of childhood development:

Physical Activity

Exercise is incredibly important for growing bodies and children often do not get enough of it. Early physical education helps children build healthy habits for the future and encourages an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many physical education programs are either lacking or completely missing from our school curriculum. Furthermore, antsy children are often cranky children -- burning off excess energy helps keep children happy. Consider purchasing a membership to a local kids' gym, like Romp n' Roll, for your children. Our classes are full of fun and focused on physical activity, so your child can play and learn at the same time.

Arts and Crafts

Creative expression is an important part of childhood development. Art education improves overall success in school and encourages confidence and self-esteem. If your child shows interest in drawing or coloring, art classes can be a great Christmas gift. There are plenty of fun options, from structured drawing classes for more serious artists to ceramics painting parties with friends.


Is your little one always singing and dancing? Consider giving them the gift of music this holiday season! Whether they want to improve their singing skills, learn to play a new instrument, or take dance lessons, music is wonderful for a developing child. They will build confidence, learn how to express themselves, and show off their musical talents to the whole family. If your child feels confident enough, consider hosting a mini Christmas music recital for the family!


If your little one is interested in the fun of science experiments, there are plenty of cool toys, games, and kits to choose from. If science-themed toys are too expensive, you can create your own DIY experiments at home! Build an active volcano, grow your own crystals, learn about magnetism and more -- just do a quick google search for experiments that you and your child can create (with ingredients you most likely have on hand).

While presents under the tree are part of the holiday fun, you can ensure your child has long-term benefits from these gifts by choosing wisely. Whether that means family travel, learning-based toys, or classes in their interests, experiences always create lasting memories and value for your children.