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Water Activities to Keep Kids Cool This Summer in Wethersfield

Posted on Jul 3rd 2023

From splash pads to water balloons, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fun ideas to keep you and your little ones busy this summer. Dive in and make a splash with these toddler and preschooler-friendly water activities that will keep your kids engaged and cool all summer long in Wethersfield!

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How to Keep Kids Safe Outside This Summer

Posted on Jun 5th 2023

At Romp n' Roll in Wethersfield, we believe in the power of outdoor play for kids of all ages. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of playing outdoors and how to keep your kids safe this summer from the sun, bugs, and more.

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How to Help Kids Socialize Over Summer in Wethersfield

Posted on Apr 28th 2023

Explore different activities that kids can do to socialize over the summer, both inside and outside the home with Romp n' Roll in Wethersfield!

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Activities to Help Develop Your Child's Emotional Health in Wethersfield

Posted on Mar 30th 2023

As humans, we experience a wide range of emotions. Children may not always understand or know how to express new feelings as they grow and develop. Parents and caregivers can help children understand and process their emotions by engaging in activities. Here are some simple and fun activities you can do with your child at home to help develop their emotional health.

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What Socialization Looks like for Toddlers

Posted on Feb 23rd 2023

As toddlers, children rapidly develop social skills crucial for future interactions with others. Parents and caregivers can play an essential role in helping their toddlers develop socially by providing opportunities for socialization and monitoring and encouraging their progress.

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