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The process was easy . The team handled the party process from decorating to the clean up . My two year old and his friends had a blast. 10/10 highly recommended !
— Sakina Campbell, Posted November 15th 2022 on google
We had a great time we love the teacher interacting with the kids thank you very much
— NIN PAR, Posted November 10th 2022 on google
There was a great balance between movement and focus activities, fast paced enough for my toddler to actually stay interested, and there were great development activities!
— Taryn Mermigos, Posted November 9th 2022 on google
We had our son’s 2nd birthday here and it was great! The girls did a great job setting up and cleaning up. The kids loved the activities and playing on all the mats/games. The order was free play, activities, food/cake. I would suggest possibly changing it to shorter free play, activities, free play, food/cake. That ...
— Monica Van Hoesen, Posted November 7th 2022 on google
Great Halloween party! My so. Had so much fun! Staff was amazing!
— Jessica Pelletier, Posted October 31st 2022 on google
Our first class prek birthday party experience. This was the perfect stop! The girls were so fun and interacted with the kids and had great enthusiasm. She was kind and helpful always staying on top of things for me she was such a great help with setting up/ helping serve/attend to kids and parents in party room!
— Laurie B, Posted October 24th 2022 on google
My daughter has been attending classes since she was about one to now 19 months. Due to covid she is having a hard time making friends, this is a great place to socialize without forcing. Alot of space to run around and explore. A little outdated toys but children still play. Classes are at a good length in time so chi...
— Anna, Posted October 8th 2022 on google
Room well lit, variety of equipment to use all muscle groups, require you to reserve spot as to not have it overcrowded with people ,
— Wanda Wong, Posted September 20th 2022 on google
Safe and upbeat environment and offered structure along side plenty of "free play" time. Didn't expect children (under 2) to be engaged in a structured class for 45 mins
— Sarah Turner-Torone, Posted September 8th 2022 on google
Love this place! My daughter goes here 2-3 times a week for open playtime or a class and she enjoys it. Great way to let her run around and meet new kids. As a parent, having AC is awesome haha.
— Lizbeth Guzman, Posted August 23rd 2022 on google
My 3 year old LOVED summer camp. We just moved here so, I'm trying to get him more social experience. So, this was great for him.
— Trivia Donahue, Posted August 4th 2022 on google
Hospitality of Staff is welcoming. My child over a month easily learnt mobility skills and socialising.
— EVERETT SIMPSON, Posted July 17th 2022 on google
Loads of fun. Pros: Great place for kids under 6 to have fun and release energy. Staff were super nice and helpful. Cons: Party room is small. Need a better way to fill out the waiver form for multiple people. Pizza was cold. Other than those few thing it was a blast and we will be back.
— Ariana Caradiaz, Posted July 17th 2022 on google
Kristin is an excellent teacher with the children. She certainly knows gymnastics and teaches it well.
— Paula Moscato-Biondino, Posted July 16th 2022 on google
I enjoyed watching my son have fun and experience something new. It was nice to see him start to come out of his shell and watch the other kids play too!
— Amanda Dowd, Posted July 9th 2022 on google
Romp n' Roll is such an incredible environment that has allowed my daughter me to work on her gross motor skills in a fun environment while allowing us to socially engage with others. After this pandemic , having a safe place to play and socialize is a true blessing!
— Natalie Gorss, Posted June 29th 2022 on google
I brought my son to our first class and was expecting him to cling to me most of the time and possibly join in towards the end (based off how he was in daycare). But I was blown away when he walked in to the class by himself and boldly and independently walked around the gym to play on all of the equipment! He was so p...
— Jessica Dowd, Posted June 21st 2022 on google
Wonderful staff, very clean. My 5 year old son has so much fun here!
— Georgia Royer, Posted June 11th 2022 on google
My son and I have had a great experience here in two different classes and will be back for many more! There is a nice mix of instruction and free play. All of the equipment seemed very clean and organized (which is impressive considering the age range of the children they work with)! The environment was engaging and s...
— Felicia Reney, Posted May 20th 2022 on google
We just held my daughter's 5th birthday party here this past Saturday and we all had a great time! The staff was so friendly and helpful that it made the day a breeze. The rooms and equipment are very clean and all of the kids were very engaged and had fun. That's all I can ask for. Thank you!
— Courtney Allen, Posted April 18th 2022 on google