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Romp n' Roll St. Petersburg Classes for Kids
Great place. Bright and clean. Enthusiastic instructor. Perfect balance of instruction and free play.
— Gail Christiansen, Posted December 2nd 2022 on google
We had the BEST birthday party here. The staff did a fabulous job entertaining 20 preschoolers. They were running nonstop and had a blast. Plus, the staff set up and cleaned up everything. They also answered all my questions in the weeks leading up to the party. I can't wait to bring the kids back. One of our guests ev...
— Jennifer Greene, Posted November 28th 2022 on google
I can't find enough words to compliment these girls. Ashley, Emily and Kat went above and beyond to make our experience a great one. We had a complete blast and the only thing I regret is not finding this awesome place sooner because my son turned 6, and they don't go higher than that, but that's ok. The memories are p...
— Liliana Quiros, Posted October 20th 2022 on google
Ashley is an amazing instructor, and runs a high energy class that keeps my 1 year old daughter entertained for hours at a time. I would highly recommend others give it a try!
— Cyrus Khambatta, Posted October 5th 2022 on google
My daughter and I love Romp n' Roll. It's the perfect place to take a toddler to burn off some energy, especially during the summer months when it's too hot outside. Ashley does an amazing job running the place and teaching all the classes. She has always been so accommodating and is a ray of sunshine. I also love how ...
— Lindsay Curry, Posted September 8th 2022 on google
It's a fun and safe experience for all the families involved. Each child (and parent) is given individual instruction based on what their child is working on in their developmental stage. We have fun together, but can focus on the individual child too.
— Francisca Reed-Johnson, Posted August 18th 2022 on google
Ruby's 2nd birthday bash was absolutely perfect!!! We had so much fun and it was so stress free as the birthday girl's mom! The staff set up all the decorations and snacks that I got, and they cleaned up everything! They even helped me get everything back into my car afterwards! I cannot recommend hosting your kids nex...
— Rosalyn Burton, Posted June 9th 2022 on google
I had a great first experience and so did my daughter! We were welcomed with a smiling face and bubbly personality. The gym was very clean. I loved the selection of things to climb on, in and around. Even the quality of the other customers was good (which might be weird to say, but it's important). The music was approp...
— Rachel Gunther, Posted May 19th 2022 on google
Fun safe place to bring the kids. Got the play room for an hour with other families. Reserved spots.
— Cory Schultz, Posted May 15th 2022 on google
We love this place & Miss Ashley! Gaia Victoria's favorite class was Tumble Tunes Thursday's! She is typically a happy almost two year old. But, if it happened to be that she was having a rough time on a Thursday afternoon, all I had to say to get her in a happy mode was "Do you want to see Miss Ashley?" We moved out o...
, Posted May 14th 2022 on facebook
My kids had a blast and I liked the variety of activities
— monicacristina319, Posted May 12th 2022 on google
We found Romp n Roll on a rainy day and our almost 2 year old LOVED IT! She instantly came out of her shell when she saw other kids her age, we signed up for a membership immediately. We love the staff and the classes, we already booked our birthday party there! I am so happy there is a place like this in St. Pete!
— Sara Kane, Posted May 10th 2022 on google
Super clean! Staff is extra friendly. All around just a great experience. My son absolutely loved it!
— Kelli McCann, Posted April 29th 2022 on google
Great staff, great play equipment, clean facility, low number of kids in each class, varied activities scheduled for each class.
— Stephen Zimmerman, Posted April 20th 2022 on google
Awesome teacher & great environment. Each week there’s something new to learn and apply to your child even outside of the gym(classroom). If you are looking for an engaging and interactive learning environment for your child, this is the place!
— Bianca W, Posted April 1st 2022 on google
I did the $10 trial Tumble Tunes class yesterday and I will be signing up for the membership. My daughter had the best time, and Ms Ashley was amazing. My daughter got a little over stimulated so was being a little sassy and fussy but Ms Ashley was so understanding, and patient and kind with her it was so appreciated. ...
— Jessica Hamilton, Posted March 30th 2022 on google
I had my 3 year old son’s birthday party here this past weekend and it was amazing! This is a toddler’s heaven! The parents had a blast as well so it’s a win win! The two assistants were phenomenal! I believe their names were Ashley and Chrissy. They were very hands on and handled everything beautifully. The acti...
— Claire Villalobos, Posted March 30th 2022 on google
Our grandson really enjoyed the class A little older would probably be best but Ashley was very inviting and made us feel very comfortable with Caden there. All the kids had a ball and well worth the drive from Tampa
— Renee Bradford, Posted March 21st 2022 on google
Our daughter tried out the Good Sports class for the first time and she had a blast. Ms Ashley was patient and attentive to each child and the bubble dance party at the end was fantastic! It's our little's favorite place. 😍
— Ebony Morgan, Posted March 19th 2022 on google
Great environment, the facility is clean, nice selection of equipment and friendly staff.
— Andy Burnett, Posted March 16th 2022 on google