How to Enjoy The Holidays With a Toddler

Posted on Dec 21st 2020


How to Enjoy The Holidays With a Toddler

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be overwhelming for young children. Travel, large parties with new faces, strange foods, and loud music are more than enough to send a cranky, overtired toddler into tantrum territory. With adequate preparation, you can avoid meltdowns and actually enjoy the holidays with your toddler (or toddlers) in tow.

Get the Children Involved

With so many holiday events centered around adult gatherings, children tend to feel left out. This leads to boredom and more screen time. You can prevent this by getting your children involved in preparations and other kid-friendly activities. Create new family traditions, like baking cookies or making candy, decorating the house, or singing carols around the neighborhood. These activities are fun, holiday-spirited, and will create lasting memories.

Romp n' Roll North Raleigh Kids Gym suggests including your toddlers in christmas preparations as a way to enjoy the holidays together.

Gift Giving

While gifts are always an exciting part of the holiday season, teach your children the importance of giving. Bring them along with you when you go shopping so they can help you choose the perfect gift for Dad or Grandma and Grandpa. Hold a craft day so your child can create handmade gifts for his or her relatives or friends. Teaching the importance of giving helps your children understand that there is more to the holidays than just receiving presents.

Romp n' Roll North Raleigh, your local kids fitness gym, suggests teaching kids the importance of giving during this christmas season.

More Experiences, Fewer Presents

Speaking of presents, experiences are often more valuable than toys. Give your children gifts that will create holiday memories - ice-skating with the family, baking cookies with grandma, watching a holiday film together, building a snowman, or decorating a gingerbread house are a few great examples of family holiday fun.

Romp n' Roll North Raleigh kids gym suggests planning more hands-on experiences with your toddler this holiday season, such as building a snowman or baking cookies together.

Acts of Kindness

Another great way to celebrate the holidays with your family is to complete acts of kindness together. Give back to your community by volunteering at a soup kitchen, bagging up old toys to send to those in need, preparing meals for the hungry, and baking cookies or crafting gifts for teachers. Speak to your children about the importance of giving and the key messages of the holidays before attending these events.

Romp n' Roll North Raleigh suggests teaching your children the importance of service this holiday season while also spending quality time together.

Keeping Up With Routine

While the holidays are full of fun, toddlers still need their routine to feel comfortable. Try to stick to meal and nap times as much as possible, even if that means planning events around your toddler's schedule. Always pack snacks and feed your toddler before the holiday party, especially if you have a picky eater. A tired, hungry toddler is just a disaster waiting to happen, especially in the overwhelming atmosphere of a holiday party.

In order to avoid a tired and upset toddler, it is important to keep your child's regular routine during a busy holiday season.

Holidays are a fun time for all and, with a little planning and preparation, your toddler can enjoy them as well. Remember that holidays are overwhelming for your little one so set aside some special time for them. Plan fun events that are just for them or some down-time that you can enjoy together. Exercise is important too, especially if your toddler is enjoying more sweets than usual. Romp n' Roll North Raleigh kids gym hosts learning-based physical activity classes and special holiday events for children. If you don't have time to run outside with the kids, dropping them off for an hour of fun and exercise is a great option.

The Romp n' Roll North Raleigh staff wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!