Why Summer Camp Is So Important For Kids

Posted on Jul 13th 2021


Why Summer Camp Is So Important For Kids

Summer is here! We look back fondly on the seemingly endless, carefree days of our childhood summers for many of us. Camp is a great way to provide your child with fruitful experiences they can one day reminisce on. Summer camps are the place where many have the most memorable experiences of their lives. They can take the kids out of their daily atmosphere and immerse them in something new and exciting. Your children will learn many new skills, enabling them to make new friends. Below are a few of the benefits of enrolling your children in summer camp:

New Friendships

One of the most significant benefits of summer camp for children is getting to socialize and meet new people! Some kids may find it difficult to form and maintain friendships with other children their own age during summer break. Aside from siblings and cousins, children are mainly interacting with adults when not in school. Socializing with peers similar in age is vital to their development! Through socialization, children develop many necessary life skills-- such as sharing, boundary setting, and problem-solving. At Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh Easts' summer camp, your little one will learn how to develop solid and healthy relationships by interacting with other children. Summer camp is an excellent opportunity for your child to create lifelong memories and friendships that they wouldn't have had a chance to otherwise.

Kids summer camp at Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East is a great way for kids to develop new friendships.

Beat the "Summer Learning Loss"

During the summer months, children can experience something referred to as "summer learning loss." Studies have shown that children are likely to forget up to 2 months of academic instruction over the summer months, particularly in the areas of reading and math. As a result, children can fall behind in school and even have trouble keeping up with their peers when school starts again. Camps, however, provide your child with the opportunity to reduce summer learning loss. Consider sending your child to Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh Easts' summer camp. Our age-appropriate programs promote a positive, shared learning experience that will keep your child's brain engaged enough to prevent this phenomenon.

Kids Summer Camp at Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East is a great way for kids to get over the summer learning loss.

Personal Growth

While many schools offer alternative activities to boost your child's skill set, summer camp is a whole other ball game. Summer Camp provides your kid with endless opportunities to learn something new. Plus, the beauty of attending summer camp is that everyone is in the same boat! With our encouraging and motivating staff, and inspiring atmosphere, there is no fear of failure. Your little ones will quickly learn that getting out of their comfort zone and attempting something new is a fantastic thing!

Kids Summer Camp at Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East is a great way for kids to continue their personal development over the summer.

Less Screen Time

Summer means more free time for kids. Without the school day to occupy them, many children find themselves entertained by digital devices. While these devices can be comforting on a rainy day or as a means of decompressing, parents should be conscious of keeping screen time-limited. Screen time can impact your child's ability to communicate and establish relationships with peers. It can also discourage their interest in physical activity. Summer camp is a great way to unplug and encourage children to find entertainment outside of electrical devices. Introduce kids to a new sport or activity that may have a lasting impact on their lives.

Kids Summer Camp at Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East offers so many fun and exciting activities for kids, they wont even want to play on electronics.

Encourages Teamwork

Summer camp provides children with life lessons, new skills, and a chance to unlock their inner creativity. And by nature, camp activities are collaborative. At summer camp, kids work on projects or shared goals. Both verbal and nonverbal skills are reinforced through games and activities. Day camp establishes an ability for children to communicate with others in a way that few environments can.

Kids Summer Camp at Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East encourages kids how to work together as a team to accomplish tasks and play games.

Learn Independence and Self Confidence

Children who are sent to camp are often required to make their own decisions without the help of their parents. As kids get older, new experiences help them learn to take healthy risks and believe in themselves. Day camp programs are a great stepping stone for children to learn to become more independent and practice individual decision-making skills. And, being around other children in a non-school setting can help hone communication skills, making your child more confident in meeting new people.

Kids Summer Camp at Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East is the perfect way for kids to learn independence and self confidence.

As most of us know, summer vacation is when parents need to find activities to entertain their little ones. This year, why not try out Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh Easts' summer camp? Here at Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East, we know your child is bursting with curiosity and energy. So, we have created a unique summer program to specifically nurture just that! All of our camp counselors are prepared to give your child the best summer camp experience possible. If you've been searching for a kid's summer camp, please come and check us out! Our kid's summer camp spots fill up quickly, so reserve your child's spot today!