How to Encourage Musical Interest in Children

Posted on Jun 1st 2021

All children have the potential to be musical. Incorporating music into routines and play in the early years of your child’s life will have a positive influence on their development. It can get them moving, thinking, dancing, and it inspires creativity! Music is an essential part of early learning in children. And most importantly, music is fun!

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Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids

Posted on May 27th 2021

Nutrition is a major factor that impacts a child's development. Without the proper nutrients, children may struggle to maintain focus and concentration. The relationship between nutrition, health and learning is undeniably strong. Introducing your child to nutritious, delicious foods early on helps them establish healthy eating habits. Teaching your children the importance of healthy eating is an important lesson they can apply throughout their life!

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Tips for Raising Responsible Children

Posted on May 6th 2021

Responsibility is an important lesson for children and one that they will continue to learn as they grow. As a parent, you can start teaching responsibility from an early age. Daily lessons and set expectations help teach children the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, choices and decisions.

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You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup: Self-Care Tips for Parents

Posted on Apr 28th 2021

Self care is important for everyone, especially parents. Taking steps toward reconnecting with your mind and body is critical to your overall well-being. You’re probably thinking, “There is no way I can fit self-care into my busy life!” but the truth is, self-care is about finding the little things that make you feel good. Recharging with a small, personal ritual can serve as a reminder that you matter too. Here are some tips for de-stressing and relaxation from your friends at Romp n' Roll!

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How to Connect With Your Kids Through Imaginative Play

Posted on Mar 31st 2021

A child’s imagination is endless and their world of play holds many benefits. From bolstering confidence, exercising problem-solving skills, and improving concentration to developing language, imaginative play is an essential part of early childhood development. If you let your child play alone, you are missing out on important learning and bonding opportunities. There’s no need to feel shy about imaginary play, you too were once a kid! If you’re not sure how to make the most out of playtime, follow our below tips.

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