Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East

How to Help Kids Socialize Over Summer in Pittsburgh

Posted on Apr 28th 2023

Explore different activities that kids can do to socialize over the summer, both inside and outside the home with Romp n' Roll in Pittsburgh!

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Activities to Help Develop Your Child's Emotional Health in Pittsburgh

Posted on Mar 30th 2023

As humans, we experience a wide range of emotions. Children may not always understand or know how to express new feelings as they grow and develop. Parents and caregivers can help children understand and process their emotions by engaging in activities. Here are some simple and fun activities you can do with your child at home to help develop their emotional health.

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What Socialization Looks like for Toddlers

Posted on Feb 23rd 2023

As toddlers, children rapidly develop social skills crucial for future interactions with others. Parents and caregivers can play an essential role in helping their toddlers develop socially by providing opportunities for socialization and monitoring and encouraging their progress.

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How to Make New Year Resolutions With Your Child

Posted on Jan 5th 2023

For many adults, the new year brings an opportunity to set goals for the rest of the year. These goals can range from saving money, getting a dream job, or finally quitting smoking. But New Year's resolutions aren't just for adults! Helping children create goals for the new year can help them learn self–discipline and the value of setting goals in life.

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Why Sensory Play is so Important for Children

Posted on Nov 28th 2022

Most children love getting their hands (and bodies) messy with pretty much anything. While it can be frustrating for caretakers to clean up the chaos, this kind of play is crucial to children’s development. Children learn about their bodies and the world around them through their five senses—sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. At Romp n' Roll Pittsburgh East, we encourage children’s development by providing sensory play in a safe environment.

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