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Age Specific Classes

When searching for exciting baby and toddler classes in Midlothian, VA, look no further than Romp n' Roll. We provide classes tailored to specific age groups and offer activities that everyone can relish together, regardless of age differences. Delve into our age-specific classes to discover how we tailor our approach to the unique developmental stages of each age group.

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Starting enrichment classes for babies early in their development is crucial. Designed for even the youngest learners, these classes focus on developing key foundational skills while having fun! They help with:

  • Improving movement and coordination
  • Building strength in core, neck, and back muscles
  • Encouraging language growth
  • Achieving important early milestones like rolling, scooting, and crawling

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Toddlers playing at Romp n' Roll Midlothian's classes for 1 year olds in Midlothian, VA



At Romp n' Roll Midlothian, we provide a unique environment for 1-year-olds, who are just beginning their journey of discovery. In this safe and nurturing space, your little one can:

  • Explore and play with musical instruments
  • Use age-suitable art materials to ignite their creativity
  • Enjoy toys specifically designed for their developmental level
  • Experience the joy of stories, bubbles, and dancing in a cheerful and encouraging atmosphere

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A toddler playing with a balloon at Romp n' Roll Midlothian's classes for 2 year olds in Midlothian, VA



At Romp n' Roll, we recognize the boundless energy and curiosity of 2-year-olds, always ready to explore their surroundings. We offer a range of age-appropriate, hands-on activities for them to dive into, such as:

  • Padded gym play
  • Artistic expression with messy art activities
  • Indoor ball games
  • Engaging in rhythmic drumming

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Our toddler classes offer a perfect setting for 3-year-olds to discover and express themselves. In these classes, they can enjoy a variety of playful learning activities such as:

  • Enhanced musical experiences using different instruments
  • Creative art projects
  • Active physical activities and exercises
  • Engaging in role-playing and imaginative adventures

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4-year-olds, known for their lively and curious nature, are keenly exploring their environment and starting to form their own identities. They benefit greatly from dynamic play and interactive learning opportunities, including:

  • Games that promote teamwork
  • Challenging obstacle courses
  • Classes in art and music
  • Experiments in science and cooking
  • Educational games suitable for their age

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As children approach five years old, they are on the cusp of starting their formal schooling journey. To support this transition, we offer a variety of enriching activities designed especially for 5-year-olds, such as:

  • Sports and team-building exercises
  • Safe tumbling activities in our child-friendly gym
  • Cooking explorations
  • Opportunities for improved social interaction

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Mixed Ages


Parents with children of different ages will find our mixed-age class ideal for siblings or peers of varying ages to participate together. In this vibrant setting, children from 3 months to 5 years old can:

  • Have fun in our clean, child-safe gym
  • Engage in craft activities suitable for all skill levels
  • Discover the joys of dance, bubble play, and music
  • Experience the excitement of parachute playtime
  • Socialize with peers across a range of ages

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Enrichment Classes for Kids in Midlothian, VA

Age-Specific Classes at Romp n' Roll

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Romp n' Roll is dedicated to providing top-notch enrichment classes for kids in Midlothian, VA, focusing on fostering qualities like independence, social interaction, self-assurance, and nurturing individual creativity. We recognize the fundamental importance of providing a safe and hygienic environment that supports kids in their development, ensuring they have a comfortable space to thrive.

Featuring a diverse array of activities and games, your child is bound to have a fantastic time at every session. At Romp n' Roll, our experienced class leaders meticulously follow professionally designed lessons that captivate and inspire every young participant.

Explore the age-specific classes below and enroll your child today to embark on this enriching journey!

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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion at Romp n' Roll Midlothian

At Romp n' Roll, our commitment is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for children of all ages and developmental stages. From the tender age of 3 months to the vibrant age of 5 years, every child is embraced and encouraged to explore, play, and learn at their own unique pace. We understand that each child is a remarkable individual with their own path of growth and development.

Moreover, we take great pride in providing a safe and supportive space for all children, including those with autism, particularly in our sensory classes. These specialized classes are thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs and sensitivities of children with autism, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience for every child. Read more below to get a deeper understanding of each age group we focus on.

Playful Exploration, Nurtured Growth

Start Your Child's Path To Nurturing Play And Exploration

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A blue Romp n' Roll Midlothian star icon. Babies and Toddlers (3 Months - 3 Years)

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At Romp n' Roll, our dedicated instructors are here to guide you and your baby as they embark on their journey to achieve critical developmental milestones. Our classes offer a delightful blend of learning and play, where you'll engage in activities designed to support your baby's core, neck, and back strength. With the aid of padded airlogs, you'll have a blast while enhancing body awareness and encouraging language development through sign language during engaging storytime sessions. As your baby becomes more mobile, our well-designed padded stairs, ramps, and equipment cater to their evolving needs, facilitating the development of essential skills. Our babyproof and meticulously maintained environment ensures a safe and joyful space for both you and your baby to learn, explore, and grow together.


Hands-on learning at Romp n' Roll provides your child with a canvas for unleashing their creativity while simultaneously fostering body awareness, fine motor skills, and a deep appreciation for the world of art. Our cheerful instructors are excited to introduce you and your child to a world of musical exploration through playful instruments like drums and maracas. Additionally, we have a plethora of inflatable toys to infuse fun and creativity into memorable games. Let's not overlook our vibrant art room, where your toddler can embark on an artistic adventure, experimenting with paints, markers, and an array of engaging art tools.

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A pink Romp n' Roll Midlothian square icon. Young Children (4 - 5 Years)

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As your young children navigate the delicate balance of their evolving emotions and growing bodies, our class leaders are here to guide them through new experiences and the art of making new friends. In our engaging sessions, your little ones will have the chance to channel their boundless energy into various activities that promote the development of independence, self-control, creativity, and emotional regulation.

With the advent of preschool and kindergarten in their lives, we've conducted extensive research to craft a thoughtful curriculum that seamlessly complements their school activities. As your young child's independence blossoms, we offer the flexibility of optional parent participation. We recognize that every child and parent is unique, and our goal is to ensure your comfort while nurturing the independence essential for growth and enjoyment.

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A Romp n' Roll Midlothian green triangle icon. Mixed Age Classes

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Within our mixed ages classes, we foster an environment where children of various age groups come together to participate in a vibrant array of entertaining activities. These activities are not only enjoyable but also serve as a rich tapestry for building both physical and cognitive skills. We believe that enabling children of different ages to interact harmoniously is an essential aspect of this class, as it offers a unique opportunity for social development and peer learning.

Our dedicated class leaders play a pivotal role in ensuring that children collaborate and engage effectively. With joyful enthusiasm, they create an atmosphere where the kids are encouraged to work together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among the participants. This collaborative spirit not only makes the class a delightful and inclusive experience but also imparts valuable life skills that extend far beyond the classroom, nurturing qualities of empathy, teamwork, and mutual respect among the young learners.

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Growing Through the Ages

Preschool Classes in Midlothian, VA

From the early stages of your child's development, when they're just 3 months old and learning to lift their head, to the dynamic age of 5, when they're exploring the world around them, we have an array of enrichment classes for kids in Midlothian, VA tailored to cater to every age and stage of growth. Our dedication to your child's growth and well-being shines through our meticulously designed classes, where we focus on creating an environment that allows them to flourish and reach their essential milestones.

We invite you to explore our class schedule and take the step towards providing your child with an enriching experience that nurtures their potential, empowers their growth, and celebrates their uniqueness. Sign up for a class today and embark on a journey of learning, exploration, and growth that will benefit your child for years to come.

Happy Kids.
Happy Parents.

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