You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup: Self-Care Tips for Parents

Posted on Apr 28th 2021


You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup: Self-Care Tips for Parents

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling jobs there are, and you wouldn’t change it for the world. That said, you still deserve balance in your life!

From the moment you wake up, there is a seemingly never-ending list of things to do. With so much going on, the thought of squeezing in time to de-stress may seem impractical. While children have many needs, parents that feel burnt-out are unable to provide in the best way possible. Sometimes, either consciously or unconsciously, parents believe that “me-time” somehow is not a priority. But when we neglect ourselves, we are more likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed, which in turn makes it tougher to be an empathetic, patient parent.

Self care is important for everyone, especially parents. Taking steps toward reconnecting with your mind and body is critical to your overall well-being. You’re probably thinking, “There is no way I can fit self-care into my busy life!” but the truth is, self-care is about finding the little things that make you feel good. Recharging with a small, personal ritual can serve as a reminder that you matter too. Here are some tips for de-stressing and relaxation from your friends at Romp n' Roll!

Enhance Your Daily Shower

Sure, it sounds a little cliche, but bathing can be the ultimate “me-time”. Stepping into a steaming shower, or soaking in a hot tub, releases the tension of a long, stressful day. Adding a little time and effort to your shower is a simple, effective way to find extra relaxation.

  • Hang a bundle of fresh eucalyptus from your shower head - the steam from the water activities the plant’s essential oils, which not only smell amazing but also induce mental clarity and all stress relief.
  • Buy a new soap in your favorite scent for an indulging way to clean off after a tough day.
  • If you prefer soaking in the tub, add some essential oils or a bath bomb to the water for a truly spa-like feeling!
  • After you’ve bathed and dried off, moisturize your skin with a natural lotion or oil. Symptoms of stress often show up on our skin, from eczema to acne, and staying moisturized helps prevent stress-related skin issues.
  • Use this time to refresh and de-stress, and show yourself extra love and extra care.
Romp n' Roll of Katy suggests different ways to enhance parents shower or bath experiences as a part of daily self-care.

Get Outside and Get Moving!

Nothing sounds worse than an at-home workout, especially if you’re a parent who spends too much time in the house. Changing up the scenery is an easy way to rejuvenate yourself! When the weather permits, dedicate an hour of your day to getting your blood moving while embracing the sites and sounds of nature.

Stretching is an effective way to unwind and get your blood circulating. The stress of parenting often builds up without us realizing, causing physical and mental stiffness. Common symptoms of stress include constant fatigue, splitting headaches and muscle tension. By incorporating stretching into your daily routine you can promote circulation, decrease joint stiffness, and enhance relaxation.

If stretching isn’t for you, don’t sweat it! All forms of exercise naturally relieve stress and promote healthier bodies. So whether it’s stretching, walking, or riding your bike, get your blood flowing and release that built-up tension!

Romp n' Roll of Katy suggests implementing exercise outside as a way to maintain healthy self-care practices for parents.


As rewarding as parenting is, a certain amount of stress comes with the territory. Between balancing the kids, your job, and managing your home, it is difficult to find time for yourself. Starting your morning on a mindful note helps set the tone for the rest of the day.

  • If you start the day burdened with feelings of stress and anxiety, you are likely to carry those feelings with you throughout your day.
  • Studies show the benefits of meditation can be abundant, and when practiced regularly, significantly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Meditation is a mind and body practice where you focus your attention on a single point of reference, away from distracting thoughts and external stimuli that cause anxiety. Parents spend a considerable amount of their time thinking about what happened today and what has to be done tomorrow, all while cleaning the house and tending to their little ones. Introducing mindfulness exercises to your morning routine directs your attention away from high-stress thinking and allows you to engage deeper with yourself. A morning meditation session will bring you feelings of calmness and control that last the entire day. There are several types of meditation practices, so do some research and decide which one works for you!

A regular practice of meditation is a great way for parents to maintain stress.

Children's Activities Near You - We're here to help!

While setting aside time for self-care seems impossible for many parents, your friends at Romp n’ Roll are here to help! We offer a variety of interactive classes that will ignite your little one’s imagination and empower them to thrive. Specialty classes like Parents Morning out and Kids Night Out are perfect for parents looking to carve in a little “me time” into their busy schedules. Our structured programs allow you the time you need to relax, guilt-free.