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10 Activities for the Best Toddler Birthday Party in Glen Allen, VA

10 Activities for the Best Toddler Birthday Party in Glen Allen, VA

Mar 7th, 2024

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Planning a birthday party for toddlers in Glen Allen, VA, may seem daunting, but you’re in luck. At Romp n' Roll, toddlers are our specialty!

Our most important tip before you get too deep into your planning is to keep things simple. Toddler parties don’t need to be long or elaborate to be a good time. Keeping things shorter is likely to keep things sweeter.

Keep the overall event to less than two hours, and be mindful of nap times. Toddler attention spans are far shorter than those of adults, so providing activities where children have a choice and can roam is great to have alongside more structured group activities.

Wondering where to start? Here are ten tried-and-tested, toddler-approved suggestions for you!

  1. Sensory Play
  2. Sensory play stations or activities are an excellent option if you’re looking for activities to keep toddlers interested and engaged. Consider the simple fun of bubbles, kinetic sand, Play-Doh, or water!

  3. Music
  4. Singing together is a great way to involve everyone while meeting toddlers at their ability level. Consider popular songs they already know, or introduce simple action songs they may not (like the Chicken Dance!).

    An adorable girl playing with musical instruments, an excellent activity for kids at Romp n' Roll West End birthday parties.

    You might also use or make some simple instruments. For some added interest, a music shaker (Easter eggs filled with beans, for instance) can be a simple take-home craft you can utilize during your singing time.

  5. Face Painting
  6. If you’re feeling artsy, you might have fun with face painting. Animal noses and whiskers are easy, even if you’re not a confident artist. If you want something more elaborate (or don’t want to do the work yourself!), consider hiring a face painter for part of the party.

  7. Scavenger Hunts
  8. Provide each guest with a small list of things to find. Print off a picture of what they are meant to find, and offer a small prize when they finish. You can also switch things up by having them complete tasks at different stations instead of finding objects.

  9. Follow the Leader
  10. Every toddler party needs some activities that get the wiggles out, and following the leader is a great way to channel the energy! Let each child have a turn at the front to help avoid hurt feelings.

  11. Group Dance
  12. Another great way to release energy is with a good old-fashioned dance party! Throw on some of the music your kids love, and get out on the floor to move!

    Props like glow sticks, bubbles, and fairy wands can add to the fun. You can add some structure by looking up some toddler activity songs that give instructions to follow.

  13. Dress Up / Fashion Show
  14. Dressing up for the party's theme can add some extra fun! Try asking guests to come dressed for the theme and have a fashion show. You could also provide simple props and dress-up-related pieces like boas, hats, glasses, or wigs. Snap some silly pictures to send home!

    A boy dressed up in a firefighter costume - perfect for adventure play at Romp n' Roll West End toddler birthday parties.

  15. Imaginative Play
  16. Many toddlers love engaging in imaginative play, especially when they pretend to be something else for a little while! Invite all the children to pretend to sleep on the ground, then suggest what to become when they "wake up." Animals, modes of transportation, and jobs like astronauts, dancers, or football players are all easy and fun for them to become. Have them pretend to sleep again, then wake up as something else!

  17. Freeze Dance
  18. With activities for toddlers, it’s often a good idea to avoid games where people get “out,” as it can lead to hurt feelings and tears — not exactly what you hope for at a birthday party! Freeze Dance is a fun alternative to Musical Chairs. Turn on some music for free dance, and tell everyone to freeze if the music turns off. Try to see if you can catch them moving!

  19. Dessert Decorating
  20. Instead of ordering a fancy cake, let kids enjoy icing and decorating their own cupcakes or cookies. Sprinkles, different colored icing, and other sweet treats can make every kid a pastry chef. It'll get messy, but it'll be delicious!

Let Romp n' Roll Do the Work!

Hosting a party is a big task. You may have been so involved in hosting the party that you didn't have time to enjoy celebrating your child's special day! That's where Romp n' Roll can come in. We are experts in toddler-approved activity planning and execution with various birthday party activities.

Ready to call Romp n' Roll West End so you can enjoy the day and not stress over its success? Call us today to learn more about how a party can be one that everyone (including you!) will enjoy.

A super fun birthday part at Romp n' Roll in Glen Allen, VA!
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