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Adventure Starts Here: Summer Camp 2024!

Our Summer Camps are EPIC!

Dive into a summer of pure joy at Romp n' Roll! Our camps are a wonderland of fun, learning, and adventure. From gym and music to creative arts and crafts, every day is a new discovery. Let your little ones unleash their imagination and make lifelong friends this summer. Spots are limited – join the fun today!

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A One-of-a-Kind Learning & Play Center for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Once upon a time, in a world of busy schedules and never-ending distractions, a beacon of joy, imagination, and connection emerged! Romp n' Roll is a wonderland where children aged 3 months to 5 years can explore, learn, and grow in spaces designed to ignite  curiosity and creativity. We're a vibrant community where parents and caregivers can enjoy unique classes, open playtime, camps, Parents Morning Out events and special events like no other!  Romp n' Roll is a place where grown-ups can learn about their kiddos, laugh, and bond with their children and with each other, creating connections that strengthen families and neighborhoods.

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More Than Just a Gym

Instructor-Led, Curriculum-Guided Classes for Kids
3 months - 5 years

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Taking Playtime Even Further

View Romp n' Roll's Ongoing Special Events and Additional Activities

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Activities In Frisco

Empowerment Begins With Play

Romp n' Roll: Your Top Choice for Toddler & Kids Activities in Frisco, TX

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Looking for kids activities in Frisco, TX? Look no further than Romp n' Roll, a vibrant wonderland where we invite little dreamers to cultivate creativity. Every nook of our facility is designed to promote imagination and inspire young minds. Romp n' Roll is not just a play space; it's a nurturing ground where the lines between learning and play blur, creating a rich backdrop for your child's all-encompassing development.

We offer a wide spectrum of classes, events and activities, each crafted to stimulate the senses and foster holistic growth in children aged between 3 months and 5 years old. Generally, classes for children 2 years and younger include parents and classes for 3 and older are considered "grown-up optional." From themed adventures to interactive activities, each session is a gateway to joyful learning and discovery.

Our team of instructors, well-versed in the nuances of child development, act as mentors guiding your little ones through a world of wonder where friendships are forged, and communities are grown. Learning is weaved into each moment of play, fostering a sense of achievement and self-assurance in each child and helping develop essential life skills through fun and engaging activities.

Besides being a hub of fantastic kids' activities in Frisco, TX, Romp n' Roll is a venue for unforgettable themed camps, events and birthday celebrations, transforming routine experiences into cherished memories. Open doors to new adventures with every visit and discover a playground where fun meets learning at every corner. Witness the sparkle in your child's eyes as they journey through landscapes of imagination, unearthing joy and knowledge at every step.

Beyond being a vibrant play area for children, Romp n' Roll is a sanctuary for parents seeking the ideal destination for toddler activities in Frisco, TX. We are more than a play space; we are a community where families gather to actively participate in their children's developmental journeys. Here, parents find not only a nurturing environment for their kids but also a space to connect with other families.

Join us and become a part of this magical journey, where every day is a celebration of learning, growth and joy. Book now!

Kids' Activities Offered at Romp n' Roll in Frisco, TX

Romp n' Roll mascot, Rompy, hanging out with kids at Romp n' Roll gym.

Meet Rompy!

Meet Rompy, the heart and soul of all the fun at Romp n' Roll! From classes to parties, Rompy is the star who brings boundless cheer to every event. This adorable mascot found his true home in our original "puppies" class for 3 to 12-month-olds and knew right away it was his place to shine. Rompy delights in meeting families at our toddler gyms and witnessing kids thrive and blossom. And when he's not busy spreading joy at Romp n' Roll, you'll find Rompy relishing baths and diving into captivating books for his own adventures!

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5480 FM 423
Suite #300
Frisco, TX 75034


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