Why Being Passionate About Your Franchise is Necessary

Posted on Oct 6th 2018


Why Being Passionate About Your Franchise is Necessary

“Passion is the genesis of genius.”

— Galileo Galilei

One of the most essential qualities of any great entrepreneur is passion. In fact, it’s usually passion that compels a person to grab the reigns of their destiny and create the life of their dreams.

It was passion for enriching the lives of families that motivated Babz and I to start Romp n’ Roll. That driving force helped us meet the challenges to create a thriving business and subsequent successful franchise network.

Passion is something we look for in prospective franchisees as well.

Read on to discover why.

Being Passionate About Your Franchise Helps You Be Resilient

Succeeding in any kind of business requires resiliency. As a franchise owner, you will encounter inevitable challenges. We have found that entrepreneurs with passion for their business have the ability to overcome these difficulties and push forward.

Passion is the fuel that often keeps you moving when you might otherwise stay stuck, or even give up. It can also give you the clarity you need to find solutions to move beyond your immediate trials.

Being Passionate About Your Franchise Helps You Grow

Franchisees often have to roll up their sleeves do new things that are unfamiliar to them. Sometimes they even have to do things they are uncomfortable with, or even dislike doing!

I have found that passion will drive the best entrepreneurs past any discomfort or resistance in learning new things. Their commitment to success gives them the ability to venture out of their comfort zone and get the job done.

Passion is a transformative energy. It can help people succeed at things they wouldn’t normally excel at and embrace the unknown.

Being Passionate About Your Franchise Inspires Others

I talk often about how important leadership is for entrepreneurs. As a franchise owner, you will set the tone for your employees, partners, and even your customers.

Passion is contagious. It inspires employees and motivates them to be the best they can be. Your passion as a leader encourages them to believe in you, and to connect deeply with your vision.

Franchisees who are passionate will attract the best people that resonate with this positive energy. Everyone wants to be around, and work with, someone who is passionate about what they are doing.

Ultimately, the passion you have for your business will spill over onto your customers. It positively effects your business in so many ways—seeping into your products and services in a palpable way.

Being Passionate About Your Franchise Motivates You

From time to time, I come across people that don’t realize that making a franchise successful takes hard work. I have actually written about this as a common myth about franchise ownership.

Taking an established franchise concept and making it work in your location takes sustained effort. You will have to put in extra time and make sacrifices for a time before you become profitable. Your passion will keep your eyes on the prize while you are working hard to build your business.

Being Passionate About Your Franchise Give You Courage

Steve Jobs once said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Passion gives you the courage to believe in yourself and your dreams. It comes from within, where Jobs suggests we look for guidance and direction as well.

Being a successful entrepreneur often requires making brave decisions. Passion gives you the courage to set big goals and make bold moves to achieve them.

Learn how to get employees as excited as you.

Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett is the Co-Founder and CEO of Romp n' Roll. In addition to leading the Romp n' Roll management team, Michael is an active member of the International Franchise Association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and serves on the Board of Directors for Connor's Heroes and Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. He and his wife, Babz, were featured on the first season of ABC-TV's Shark Tank.