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Class Focuses Skills Classes for Kids

At Romp n' Roll, we believe it's essential to give kids the best environment to play, learn and socialize to develop their skills to be the best version of themselves. We provide a variety of skills classes for kids from ages 3 months through 5 years. We have professionally developed lessons that will engage and inspire every participant, from music, art, and dance to cooking, science, and sports.

With every class, we focus on socialization with other children, play-based activities to build physical and cognitive skills, and positive, shared fun between parents and their children. Below are all the Romp n' Roll classes offered and a description of how entertaining and educational they are!

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Kids and babies love our skills classes for kids.

Our Class Focuses Skills Classes for Kids

This is our most popular class offering fun, fitness-based play. Children will play on obstacle courses, safe gym equipment, slides, ramps, vaults and more! We organize classes by age group so that each child is participating in age-appropriate activities. The class instructors will help hone larger muscle groups and fine and gross motor skills during these classes as your child learns the importance of physical activity.

Creative learning is fundamental in stimulating the minds of children. Studies have shown that art education improves problem-solving, enhances academic performance, and encourages healthy socialization. Your kids will practice their creativity in a healthy and safe environment. The Romp n' Roll art classes cover everything from art history to trying new textures and using their senses. And, as an added treat, your child will go home with an adorable unique keepsake to put on the shelf or fridge.

Singing, dancing, clapping — what fun! Music has been shown to improve language skills and creative thinking, making it important for cognitive development. Our entertaining music class introduces children to new instruments and fun, silly music. Each class is developmentally appropriate for a child's age so that every kid gets what they need most. These classes are a family favorite!

As an adult, you are used to doing things like zipping up jackets, using utensils, and turning a doorknob. Children learn these skills from a young age by practicing similar movements through play. The Romp n' Roll instructors will help children play and move their arms, hands, and fingers to strengthen those muscles and brains with our motor skills class. Each age group plays different games to grow and strengthen the appropriate fine and gross motor skills.

Children need healthy movement in their lives to develop and mature. We focus on getting kids to move their bodies in new and fun ways in our movement classes. The delightful class instructors lead the kids through exciting age-appropriate games and activities. These movement classes will keep your kids active and enjoying themselves as they move and stretch their tiny muscles and joints. Plus, everyone will go home feeling well exercised and ready for whatever the day brings them!

Solving a problem (big or small) is an accomplishment for anyone, especially children, as they are just beginning to learn! As children grow, they develop skills to problem solve and work through new situations, but doing this can take time and is frustrating. This skills class for kids teaches children how to get through tricky situations in playtime like:

  • A puzzle piece not fitting into a spot
  • Having to go under an obstacle instead of over
  • Finding a new toy when the one they wanted is unavailable

The sensory exploration classes are all about trying new things! Kids get the chance to get a little messy as they learn about new sounds, smells, sights, and textures. These classes help children explore their senses with fun, age-appropriate activities, and games. The safe and clean environment at Romp n' Roll allows kids to try things as they socialize and learn! No more worries about making a big mess at home; try the sensory exploration class for a fun, controlled, messy activity!

Here at Romp n' Roll, we understand that playing pretend games with your child, while valuable, can have its limitations. As parents, your creativity only goes so far, that’s why we have a class focused solely on the skill of imagination! We can transform our room into an enchanted kingdom for little princesses, princes, knights, and dragons. Or we can set pirates loose and go on a magical treasure hunt! Our imaginative class leaders encourage your children to express themselves through pretending, movement and play!

Teaching children independence is critical for developmental, but it can also be tricky! With our special independence class, we help children gain confidence and learn how to do things by themselves. When children try something new or play a game on their own, they gain a stronger sense of identity. These classes also equip them with skills for growing and gaining more confidence and independence!

If you have only one child and want them to make friends or have a group of kids wanting to get together to play, the socialization classes are perfect! These classes help children meet and interact with kids their age. When children socialize with kids of similar ages, they learn from each other and gain essential socialization skills that help them in many areas of life.

Learning social skills are a crucial aspect of children’s development. Children with well-developed social skills have an easier time making friends, adapting to new situations, managing their emotions, and succeeding academically. There are many things you can do to encourage the development of your child’s social skills, including attending the classes offered at Romp n' Roll! Our social skills classes in your area provide excellent opportunities for your child to have fun and work on their growing social skills at the same time. Sign your child up for a class today!

As a parent or caregiver, you know that emotional health is crucial, even in young children. Learning to regulate emotions is an essential life skill that sets the foundation for healthy social and emotional development. Romp n' Roll is happy to offer classes that focus on physical growth and promote emotional regulation in young children through engaging and interactive activities that your children will love. Sign your child up for a class today!

For more questions about our classes and to schedule a trial, contact us! We are excited to meet you and your little one!

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Classes for Kids at Romp n' Roll

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For healthy development, young children need stimulation in various ways. From physical activity and cognitive skills to proper socialization, ensuring you're covering all the basics can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, with our many entertaining and educational skills classes for kids, you can get support, and every child gets a chance to have fun and learn new things. Don’t miss an opportunity to get your child into a fun focus class, and sign them up today!

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More Reasons To Choose Romp n' Roll

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Welcoming Atmosphere

Our bright, whimsical facilities were thoughtfully crafted to stimulate and engage little ones while keeping them safe. An abundance of colorful vinyl foam in the design makes things comfortable and easy to clean. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have a blast on our age-appropriate gym equipment

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Social Interaction

Little ones can socialize with other children and learn valuable life skills from each other. Our classes and activities are designed to foster independence, build confidence, and nurture creativity among kids between the ages of 3 months through 5 years old; providing peer-to-peer interaction that's vital to their growth.

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Growth & Development

Our play-based curriculum developed from extensive research and our own experiences. Our developmentally appropriate art, music, and movement classes and activities build physical and cognitive skills during these important formative years-but all kids know is that they're having fun!

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Parent-Child Connection

Based on our research, we discovered that little ones progress most effectively when they're in the presence of parents and loved ones who express excitement and pride for their achievements. Our classes are parent-friendly, so they can take part in positive, shared fun with their child.

Birthday Parties

They make the mess. We clean it up.

Want to create lasting memories for your child's birthday, without any of the stress of cleaning and planning? Allow our team to handle it! From providing paper and online invitations, to leading age-appropriate games and activities, to cleaning up... we do it all! Experience for yourself why we are the top choice for kids birthday party places by booking your party venue online.

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Camps and Events

Fun & friendship for kids ages 2-5

Our kids gym plays host to the best camp around! At Romp n' Roll, we invite little ones between the ages of 2 through 5 to experience the energy, creativity, and socialization of day camp. Our camps take place in the summer, winter, and over spring break.

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Romp n' Roll Classes for Kids
Romp n' Roll is THE BEST for Moms and Dads that love to watch their child/children learn and grow.There are drop-off options for the older kids (up to age 5), but I love to stay and be a part of my son's classes as much as I can. He'll be in school before long, and I'll cherish the memories Romp n' Roll has allowed me ...
— Michelle Turner Kisielewicz, Posted September 25th 2023 on google
My daughter and I love romp n' roll! shes learned so much not only with the physical aspect but the social as well.. like how to be In a group setting, listening, taking turns, and paying attention. Amazing staff but most importantly they love kids.. I couldnt recommend romp n' roll enough ! And also Ms. Michelle is t...
— A B, Posted September 25th 2023 on google
My kids have a ton of energy and love climbing. They ran around like maniacs for an hour and a half during open play on a rainy day and got all of their wiggles out in a safe way we all enjoyed. What's not to love?
— Evan Whiting, Posted September 25th 2023 on google
I love the friendly atmosphere and how CLEAN it is! We own a cleaning company so hygiene is super important to us and they are great! Everything was fully explained that I could understand from flow of the class to the variety of membership options. The kids were all within my daughters age group and it’s also struct...
— PBL Productions 29, Posted September 25th 2023 on google
Awesome staff and facility. My daughter loves going here. They are so kind and patient. I really appreciate everything they do. Would highly recommend.
— Sehban Siddiqui, Posted September 24th 2023 on google
Loved this play group and highly recommended it. Will be signing up for more classes
— Reilly Llanagan, Posted September 24th 2023 on google
We had my daughters 1st birthday there a few weeks ago and it went perfectly. The staff was super friendly and handled everything from the setup and break down, serving food and hosting interactive activities for the kids. Our guests had a great time! It was beyond our expectations! We highly recommend this facility...
— Jennifer B, Posted September 23rd 2023 on google
Very nice and clean. The teachers are amazing and really love what they do.
— Arial Lux, Posted September 20th 2023 on google
We've always had a good experience and have been coming here for a few years. Everyone is friendly and any issues there have been have all been resolved easily. They really work with you. My children have enjoyed all the classes we've attended and have loved the open play too.
— Katelyn Sharpe, Posted September 20th 2023 on google
We have been going here with our toddler for about a year, and she loves Romp n Roll! The different classes/activities they have are all age appropriate, and each teacher we have had has been phenomenal. We feel like we paid a good price for the Black Friday deal for the year membership we got; would definitely recomme...
— Xavier Kingston, Posted September 19th 2023 on google
My kids really enjoyed
— Sonchat Pongsakornsub, Posted September 19th 2023 on google
We love Romp n Roll Wethersfield. Always a good experience. Always clean, always friendly, and always fun.
— Sarah Maloney, Posted September 18th 2023 on google
Loved the environment. The activities they did with the kids were absolutely amazing! & we can't wait to come back and see our daughter grow and become better at interacting socially and being around other kids her age in general. As she is an only child & hasn’t been around other kids but only a couple times. So it...
— taylor manna, Posted September 18th 2023 on google
I loved this place, great facilitie for my daughter to play and have fun, great service and good environment.
— Tatiana Tejada, Posted September 11th 2023 on google
My daughter had her 2nd birthday party here and it was the best day. We were pleasantly surprised by how accommodating the staff is. We have never taken her to Romp N' Roll before so we didn't know what to expect, but we were extremely happy with how the party went. The staff was attentive, participated with all of the...
— Sarah Johnson, Posted September 11th 2023 on google
It was our 1st visit and I apparently picked the wrong date on the calendar for our open play. The host did an amazing job accommodating. I drove over an hour to get there, so I appreciated it greatly! The facility was pretty clean and had buckets for putting toys when kids put them in their mouth. I can't wait to join...
— Conway Adventures, Posted September 10th 2023 on google
Always a good time for the kids. I believe the age limit is 5 years of age, so no worries about much older kids bumping into your toddler. Good times, and the classes are a good amount of length. Recommended place; summertime cause it's cooler in there, wintertime cause it's a place to take them with no snow inside 😀
— Michael McAllister, Posted September 5th 2023 on google
I was looking for a place for my two year old to go for he can run free without hearing the word no every ten minutes and this place is it. Great place for kids to be kids and the teachers are patient and have great activities for the kids. Getting the membership was the best things I’d ever did
— BornTrue Bethea, Posted September 4th 2023 on google
It's a really friendly and safe environment for kids The instructors are so friendly with the children and parents that time flies by. I highly recommend it
— Daikelyn Perez Avila, Posted September 2nd 2023 on google
The energy of the instructor was amazing and my Grandlove McKenzie really enjoyed it! Also she is a ball of energy anyway and this really helped her to get rid of some of it for her babysitting Grandma!😂😂
— Lynne Walker, Posted August 30th 2023 on google