6 Unique Winter Exercise Ideas For Kids

Posted on Jan 13th 2022


6 Unique Winter Exercise Ideas For Kids

Winter can be a challenging time of year to keep your little ones active and engaged! How do you prevent them from spending hours in front of the TV and getting valuable social time with children in their age group?

Romp n' Roll offers indoor fitness classes for children ages three months to five years old. Our solution to play-based exercise means you can avoid the boredom of snow days that are too cold to play outside. We follow a proven curriculum that allows your child to learn through play using a rotating weekly schedule.

Winter can be a difficult time for kids to get the physical activity they need. Indoor gyms are a great option for burning that extra energy, but here’s a roundup of ideas to keep your kids moving and happy all winter long!

Romp n' Roll in your area suggests indoor fitness classes to learn the importance of exercise.

Fitness Video Games

Nintendo has come out with a variety of active games since the Wii. Many options are available on the Nintendo Switch, including Just Dance, kickboxing and cardio classes like Zumba. Other video game systems have also come to include fitness-based games, including VR systems.

There is sure to be something for children of all ages. Making a designated room for play and exercise in your home is important so your child has the opportunity to be active even when they are stuck indoors.

You might want to get creative and even build an obstacle course at home! This will keep your children occupied and have them playing creatively.

Romp n' Roll in your area suggests fitness video games to help keep them healthy.

Take Your Dog For A Walk

If you have a family pet, their daily walk is a great way to get outside for fresh air. Thirty minutes of exercise a day is a general suggestion to keep your family happy and healthy. If you don’t have a pet, your child could volunteer to walk a neighbor’s dog or help someone in need by clearing snow.

Even a normal stroll in the park while bundled up can be a great way to get outside and move around during winter months.

Romp n' Roll in your area offers tips on keeping your kids healthy through dog walking.

Winter-Specific Activities

If it’s snowing, but not too cold, you may want to have a fun family day outside building snowmen, sledding or even find the perfect slopes for skiing. You can make great memories by dedicating a day to bundling up and enjoying the weather.

Exposing children to winter sports is a great way to establish healthy habits all year long!

Romp n' Roll of your area offers tips on winter activites for your children and family.

Youth Sports

Signing your child up for sports is a fantastic way to make lifelong friends, learn the value of teamwork and learn new skills in the process! Recreational sports such as soccer, hockey, dance, wrestling and more have indoor options for the winter months.

Romp n' Roll's indoor fitness classes make it easy to engage little ones both physically and mentally during the cold months.

Mix It Up

When it comes to keeping your infants and toddlers occupied, there is no better way than to try out one of our unique experiences at Romp n' Roll!

While sticking to an exercise routine can be beneficial to keep your family organized and get into good habits, 30 minutes to an hour of exercise per day doesn’t always have to mean jumping jacks or a long walk. With a variety of classes, you could come to Romp n' Roll for years and never experience the same class twice. We pride ourselves on being an interesting and exciting activity that your child can look forward to each week.

Romp n' Roll in your area is a perfect opportunity to mix up your childs activity schedule.

Your child will grow socially by interacting with others, and the connections they make are priceless! We have locations throughout the U.S.

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