7 Tips For Building Your Child’s Imagination

Posted on Jan 10th 2022


7 Tips For Building Your Child’s Imagination

Each year, there is increased pressure for children to learn math and literacy skills at a younger age. While learning numbers, letters and sounds is obviously important to helping your child grow and develop, focusing on these skills while ignoring healthy things like play and imagination can actually harm your child’s learning potential.

Children use their imagination to draw on prior experiences. Creativity helps children explore new ideas, practice problem-solving, and learn through trial and error. They are able to take calculated risks by playing.

You can encourage your child’s imagination in many ways, but the most important is letting them grow and play organically.

Help Them Use Their Imagination

If your child is playing with a toy kitchen and pretending to serve you food, you should take part in it. For example, you may try a slice of fake apple and say “This is an apple. You can make apple pie with it.” Add to their previous knowledge by telling them something new about the object and allowing them to imagine new scenarios.

Young child playing with her father.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

Use I wonder statements, such as “I wonder how you can build a boat?” This would work especially well with building block toys like Legos.

Toys that ask your child to build or create are often more valuable at using imagination than toys where they are not actively engaged; that is why toys like puzzles, building blocks, puppets, and dolls allow kids to be more creative while tablets and TVs don’t utilize the same creative thinking.

Ask your child questions about their imagination.

Give Your Child Free Time

Allow your child to have unstructured time to play with their toys and imagine themselves in different situations. Evidence shows that time spent outside can activate a child’s imagination and help them think more creatively. The absence of toys outside makes children think outside the box when they play. Too often, parents can make the mistake of involving their child in too many activities at a young age.

Boys running in open grass.

Encourage New Experiences

Get involved in as many low-cost and free child-friendly activities as possible. Most cities offer specials for young children to attend places like the zoo, botanical gardens or a museum. As they get older, attending field trips can also expose children to new experiences like seeing a live play or orchestra, visiting an important historical site, and much more.

Boy playing at Romp n' Roll climbing wall.

Use Art To Increase Imagination

Doing crafts with your children allows them to explore different mediums such as paint, clay and beads. It can be a fantastic way for them to express themselves, have fun and create something in the process. Try not to be too logical: if your child wants to paint a zebra with orange stripes, you should let their imagination guide them. Art can increase your child’s tactile abilities, and they will be proud to show off what they created

Child playing with chalk art on face.

Read To Your Child

Reading to your child for just 30 minutes per day is proven to increase their imagination. Reading asks your child to picture what is happening in their mind, and then they are able to expand on it by asking questions. They will be able to come up with their own plot and character ideas by adding to what an author has written.

You should also share stories about your own life. Children are naturally curious about their parents and will learn more about the world through what you share with them. They may see you as mom or dad, but not know much about your friends or life experiences when you have valuable things to tell them.

Young girl reading at the library with mom.

Visit Romp n' Roll

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We transform our open playrooms into magical locations that fit the class theme and use a variety of imaginative methods such as art, gymnastics and free unstructured play time. We look forward to helping your child learn and grow their imagination!

Young child playing at a Romp n' Roll kids gym.