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Kid–Friendly Activities for Cooler Months

Posted on Nov 28th 2022


Kid–Friendly Activities for Cooler Months

Parents love summer because it’s easy to get out of the house and enjoy the warmth and sunshine! But what happens when the cooler months start to roll in, and it’s no fun to play outside anymore? If you are struggling to find entertaining and healthy things for you and your little ones to do inside, we have compiled a list just for you! These activities are meant to be relatively easy and can be fun for the whole family.

Indoor Kid’s Gym

A great way to get out of the house, get your kids some exercise, and learn new skills is to bring them to an indoor kids' gym! The Romp n' Roll indoor gym is an excellent place for kiddos wanting to run, jump, and explore. We have themes and activities each week, so they will never get bored! Our class leaders lead your kids through fun learning activities that strengthen their bodies and minds. Parent involvement can be optional, so you’ll get to sit back and relax while your kids have a blast! Enroll your child in a class today!

Arts and Crafts

A classic at–home activity is to do something crafty! If you need supplies, run to your local craft store and let your kids pick out their own craft supplies. With tons of kid–friendly craft ideas online, you are sure to find something for your family.

Kids Board Games

Kids love engaging with parents over a board game. Board games are a great way to spend quality time together, and they're helpful for kids to practice following instructions and taking turns.

Baking Treats

If your kids love to watch you in the kitchen, invite them to make a tasty treat! You can bake cookies or cupcakes and let your kids go crazy with the decorations. You’ll end up with adorable and delicious little art pieces.

Check out indoor activities with Romp n' Roll.

Dance Party

A dance party can go a long way for little bodies. You can put on some music and dance your hearts out together. If you want to go “all–out,” turn off the lights, pull out the glow lights and flashlights, put on a fun music video and make it a full–on dance house!

Pillow Fort

Building a pillow fort together is a great indoor activity! You only need a few pillows, blankets, and maybe a couch or some chairs for structure. Bring out the sleeping bags and have a little sleepover in your fort to make it even more fun!

This boy enjoys a jigsaw puzzle on a chilly day thanks to recommendations from Romp n' Roll.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are an easy passive activity for the whole family. You can leave it out for anyone passing by to add a few pieces. You can also grab some smaller kid–friendly ones to do with your little ones for quick mental stimulation.

Science Experiment

This activity might take a little more preparation and clean–up but makes for fantastic learning opportunities and beautiful memories. You can find a range of kid–friendly science experiments available online, and most can be done with just a few ingredients from your pantry!


Makeovers are fun for everyone! Pull out some old makeup, grab a few hair ties and a brush, and you are ready for an amusing makeover! Let your kids put on some makeup and do their hair crazy to make everyone smile and giggle.

Cuddle and Read

Rainy days are perfect for some snuggles and reading. You can have a little family readathon if your kids are old enough to read independently. Or, if you have younger kids, grab a few of their books and spend some time reading out loud as a family. If you still want to get out of the house, visit your local library. Many libraries have storytime programs, and you can grab some new books to read at home.

Fashion Show

Gather some old clothes from your closet and your kid’s dress–ups, make a runway, put on some music and have a fashion show! Your kids will love putting together fun and silly outfits. You can join the fun too and try new combinations with your clothes to show off!

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a great way to keep your kids quietly entertained. You can gather a few little toys, fill a bin with water, sand, or beads, and let your little ones dig in. Kids love experiencing new things, so sensory bins are a fantastic way to stimulate their minds and keep their hands busy.

Special Movie

Are you and the kids in the mood for a movie? Make it extra special by popping some popcorn, gathering blankets and pillows to make things extra comfy, and maybe grab a little treat to share. Turn off all the lights, and you’ve got an in–home movie theatre! Pick a family favorite or try something new and rent a movie online.

Family Exercise

Need to get some movement and exercise into the day? There are tons of kid–friendly yoga and exercise routines online. Doing a quick exercise activity together strengthens your body and your family bonds.

A little girl plays with a colorful sensory bin with farm animals.

Obstacle Course

Grab a few cushions and rearrange a few pieces of furniture to create a fun obstacle course for your kids. This activity is a terrific way to get them moving and active. You can make things more challenging by timing each child to see who can get through it the fastest! We also recommend putting on some epic music to get them pumped up!

Staying inside during chilly months does not have to be boring, and there are still plenty of opportunities to be active. Remember, Romp n' Roll is here to help with awesome, fun indoor activities to keep kids entertained and active all year long. Sign your child up for a class today!