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Why and How Should You Introduce Your Children to Music?

Posted on Jul 27th 2022


Why and How Should You Introduce Your Children to Music?

There are few things cuter than a baby bobbin’ and dancin’ along to a song. But have you ever wondered why babies enjoy and groove to music so quickly? It’s because music makes them (and us) feel good, so we naturally move and sway to the beat! Introducing your child to music takes advantage of that inherent desire to groove. It can be a beneficial and delightful part of your and your child’s life.

Why Music is Beneficial for Children

Music involves movement, which is beneficial for kids in many ways. When children are physically active, they exercise their bodies and learn new skills to help them achieve crucial developmental milestones. Here are some more specific ways music is helpful for children:

When kids can get their hands on musical instruments, they move their fingers and bodies in new ways. This helps them develop their muscles and motor skills. Tapping the keys of a piano and banging on a drum or tambourine helps strengthen little muscles. It can also help them develop the skills needed to do other things like dressing themselves or writing their name.

Developing strong hand–eye coordination from a young age benefits children in numerous ways as they start performing other tasks like feeding themselves or playing games. Listening to music and moving their bodies helps increase kids’ awareness and learn how to control their movements. Similarly, experimenting with musical instruments allows them to try new movements with their arms, hands, and fingers to gain better awareness and control of those muscles.

Music for children is packed full of essential language lessons. They can learn things like the alphabet, animals and animal sounds, how to share, and so much more. Yes, you can teach those things without music, but putting the lessons into an upbeat song makes learning new language concepts easier and more enjoyable for children.

The best way for children to experience music is with friends and family! As humans, we bond over shared experiences, and kids can connect deeply with others as they listen and play to music. When you and your child listen to songs together, your child creates a memory and bond with you that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Music is a great tool to use when helping your child regulate their emotions. Music can help a child calm down and breathe slowly, as well as bring their mood back up after a meltdown. It can also maintain a calm atmosphere if kids get rowdy and loud. Many adults find that music helps them slow down and take a moment to relax, and children are no different!

Cute kids learning and enjoying our music classes at Romp n' Roll.

How to Introduce Music to Children

Now that you know how music benefits children, the question remains—how can you introduce it to them so that it will have an impact? Some parents find it overwhelming to start sharing music in the “right” way, so below, we have a few ideas on introducing music to children by their age group.


Infants and babies can understand the melody of a song before they understand the lyrics, so start with songs with a smooth instrumental tune. You can play music at bedtime and during active playtime to form some positive associations. You can also make up your own short and simple songs to accompany times like feeding, diaper changing, and bathtime.


Toddlers love dancing and moving along to fun songs. Play songs that have some repetition and simple lyrics so they can learn some language and memorization skills. To make things even more fun, try singing along but switching out words for other silly words. Toddlers love to laugh and giggle along with the music!


Preschoolers love singing their hearts out, with no worries about how “good” they sound. These kids love songs that have a defined beat and fun rhymes. They also love songs with directions and movements they can follow. You can play nursery rhymes or even make up your own nonsensical rhymes.

School-aged children

Children in school will start to express their likes and dislikes for music. They also might express an interest in music classes or specific instruments. If you notice this in your child, we encourage you to follow their lead and continue supporting their interest in music and possibly music lessons.

Music Classes for Children

At Romp n' Roll, we understand the importance of introducing music into children’s lives from a young age. That is why we offer multiple music classes for children aged three months to five years! Kids in our classes can learn all about different musical instruments and listen to silly songs with other kids of similar ages. Our music classes incorporate all the benefits mentioned above, and your kids will have a blast!

Introducing your children to music has tons of benefits, and it can be a fun and memorable part of your lives. Start introducing music to your children at home, and try one of our Romp n' Roll music classes for kids today!