Giving the Gift of Experiences this Holiday Season

Posted on Dec 20th 2019


Giving the Gift of Experiences this Holiday Season

Pricy, flashy gifts have become the go-to for Christmastime, and parents frequently shell out a lot of money for these presents (according to this 2017 study by RetailMeNot, U.S. parents spend an average of $330 per child for Christmas), but is this method of Christmas the most meaningful for you children? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the gifts your child receives at Christmas. Instead of the newest toy that will be forgotten a few months down the line, consider giving your child the gift of experiences this holiday season, brought to you by your friends at Romp n Roll.

Giving the Gift of Experiences this Holiday Season

The Gift of Travel

While this kind of gift might cost a lot more than you would normally spend on Christmas, it’s also one of the most special and memorable presents you could give to your children. When they’re older, the Christmas memories that your child will hold nearest and dearest to their hearts won’t be from the novelty toys they’ll have used and forgotten about, but rather the experiences that you gave them. A family vacation will help to strengthen the bond between your family, and your children will be able to learn a lot from exploring a new place. Even younger children will find something to be excited about. Try to make sure the destination has something for your kids to enjoy (amusement parks or the beach are always a win), but at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the destination is secondary to the memories your family makes together.

The Gift of Performances

If your child has never seen a live stage production or been to a concert, being gifted tickets to one will undoubtedly thrill them. Going to the movies is fun, but there’s something intrinsically special and magical about seeing a live performance, especially for children. Be on the lookout for Broadway shows hitting the road in the near future, visit your local theater, or find out what musicians you child is loving at the moment and see if they’re coming to a venue near you.

The Gift of Learning

New skills and valuable knowledge will last your child much longer than the current toy trend. Lessons or magazine subscriptions tied to talents that your child is interested in cultivating such as art, science, sports, theater, photography, cooking, and more make for exciting presents. You can also splurge for memberships or passes to family-friendly establishments such as a museum, zoo, aquarium, or even us here at Romp n Roll. The gift of learning in any form is invaluable to children of all ages who crave a present that is absorbing, hands-on, and continuously giving.

The Gift of You

There is nothing that your child will cherish more (both in the moment and in their memories) than quality time with you. Special dates, camping trips, movie or game nights; any one-on-one time with your child will be of more value than the easily discarded toys they could receive.

Giving the Gift of Experiences this Holiday Season