With Supply Chain Issues, Gift Memories Instead

Posted on Dec 2nd 2021


With Supply Chain Issues, Gift Memories Instead

Getting exactly what's on your little ones' wish lists may be a bit harder this holiday season. Shortages resulting from the pandemic are already causing runs on gifts this year. All over the U.S., the run-up to the Christmas season has begun exceptionally early. And as the world progresses into another pandemic winter, shortages paired with shipping delays and supply chain issues are popping up all over the United States. This means online orders are most likely to be delayed and stores will have increased difficulty stocking and restocking their shelves.

However, not all gifts rely on the smooth operation of supply chains. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have had an entirely different perspective of time as it is; perhaps we cherish the time we get to spend with family and friends now more than ever before.

Now combine that with supply chain issues. Are your brain gears moving yet? What if we didn't need to depend on things being delivered and instead spent money on something that created memories?

Instead of keeping everything the same this year, let us learn from supply chain problems. Take this as an opportunity to revisit gifts and expectations this holiday season. The truth is, your children probably vaguely remember any of the gifts they have received over the years. Gifts you had sweated over, gifts you had spent hard-earned money on - forgotten. Take this time to ask yourself, "Why am I spending all this money on things?”

Experiences Are The Best Gifts

The challenges within the supply chain are a great reason to give more experiences this year. Gifting experiences can provide memories that last long after the toys are outgrown and the gadgets are forgotten. Contrary to what many parents think, studies have shown that children actually do better with few options of toys to play with. So rather than unnecessarily adding to the toy stash, try gifting memories instead of simply toys.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

A Camera

We live in a digital age where many of our photos end up on a computer and become forgotten. Make all that change this year when you give your kids a disposable camera! Have them document the holidays and your day-to-day life on this inexpensive camera.

This gift will also teach them patience as they wait for the photos to develop. But overall, the experience will be an exciting one as they wait to see their photographic masterpieces. Once you develop the photos, take the time to create a family memory book together!

Young child holding a camera up to take a picture.

A Library Card

Sure this seems like such a small gift. However, you will understand the significance when you witness the independence your kid feels once they receive their very own library card. It's a gift in itself!

Child sitting on the floor at a library reading a book.

Escape Their Comfort Zone

Planning an activity outside of your little ones' comfort zone can be an excellent way for them to build confidence. But doing something out of their comfort zone doesn't necessarily mean you have to do something crazy adventurous. Just think outside of your box. Maybe you take your little artist ice skating or take your sporty kid out for a painting class. Whatever you choose, you're teaching them that they can do more than they think.

Kids walking across a rope bridge.

Enroll Them at Romp n' Roll!

While there will undoubtedly be considerable delays in stocking this year, the good news is that Romp n' Roll will never be out of stock! Our bright and whimsical facilities will stimulate and engage your little ones while they socialize and interact with other children their age!

Young child playing at a Romp n' Roll kids gym.

Whatever gift-giving route you choose this holiday season, remember all that truly matters is that it is done with love!