Gift Experiences Instead of Toys This Season

Posted on Nov 29th 2021


Gift Experiences Instead of Toys This Season

Ever feel like your kids have too much stuff?

As parents, we know how thrilled kids are to find brightly wrapped presents under the tree on Christmas morning. They are eager to rip open the wrapper and find the toys that made their Christmas lists. Yet, after the initial excitement wears off, those toys are typically regulated to the bottom of the toy chest or what we like to call "the toy graveyard."

But it doesn't have to be that way. Sure the holidays are called the giving season, but who says giving has to be toys, clothes - or just more stuff? Of course, toys can be a wonderful thing. They can be educational, creative and open up a world of play. But chances are your playroom is overflowing with them.

With news headlines full of warnings about slow supply chains and low stock on goods this year, there’s no better time to take advantage of the value of gifting experiences rather than objects.

Benefits of Gifting Experiences

As important as shared experiences are for us adults, they are even more critical to children and healthy psychological development. Researchers have found that gifting experiences can boost your child's intelligence and can enhance child-parent bonds. Experiences, travel and vacations and other outings are actually valued more by children than toys.

Children will remember moments where their interests were taken into account far longer than they will remember that one trendy toy you got them last Christmas.

Other benefits of gifting experiences to children include:

  • Bonding within the family
  • A stronger sense of identity
  • Fewer behavioral problems in children

Experience-focused gifts are also significantly more socially beneficial than an inanimate object. An experiential gift can provoke a strong emotional response that is far more impactful than a toy. As you watch your little ones grow up, you'll begin to notice that experiences last in their memories longer than any toy you've ever gotten them.

Experiences to Give

Of course, shared experiences can be as simple as time spent together during meals, singing favorite songs while driving or reading stories before bed. However, with the holiday season approaching, it's important to prioritize shared experiences as gifts to help reduce unwanted/unneeded material items.

A Gardening Kit

Include a pair of gloves, a few gardening tools and a pack of seeds. Place it all in a pot with a little note to start their own garden.

Child gardening with garden tools outside.

Crazy Ice Cream Date

Take your kiddo out for ice cream and let them create the ice cream topping combination of their dreams.

Ice cream toppings displayed at an ice cream shop.

Rock Climbing Pass

If you're searching for a new type of physical activity that helps your little one get stronger while gaining a ton of confidence, then rock climbing can be the perfect fit. It's an excellent activity for children as it builds hand, foot, eye coordination and will improve their problem-solving skills.

Children at a rock climbing gym.

Butterfly Kit

Butterfly kits come with everything you need to watch a caterpillar metamorphize. Not only is this a scientific experience, it is also a huge mood booster for your kiddos.

Child holding a jar with a butterfly in it.

Gym Class

A class at your local Romp n' Roll is more than just a memorable gift. It helps children develop coordination and socialization skills in a safe, fun environment.

Romp n' Roll kids gym near you.

Often, when it comes to gift-giving, the focus is solely on whether your child likes their gift. By focusing on this, we unconsciously steer our kiddos away from the most important fundamental of gift-giving: growing your relationship. Plus, giving your kids too many toys can be counterproductive and even result in overwhelming them instead of making them happy. So spend some time together and give them the best gift they could ask for - memories with you!