Fall Fun Activities for Kids

Posted on Sep 30th 2018


Fall Fun Activities for Kids

The temperatures are starting to drop, you are donning more layers, and pumpkin-themed everything is popping up everywhere you look! Fall is great as a parent of young children because it is prime outdoor play season. Your family may grab pumpkins to decorate your home or to carve as a family activity – here are a few other activities we think sound and look amazing!


Pumpkin play dough – Grab an extra can of pumpkin at the grocery store, cornstarch, and pumpkin pie spice and mix together for the most lovely smelling play dough ever created. The best part of this recipe is that you can add the cornstarch as needed so that the play dough doesn’t stick to your hands. It’s safe for little ones to ingest too – so no need to fret!

Do you use small pumpkins or gourds for home décor? Why not allow your little one to paint them for a craft/art activity and make your home décor extra special and unique?

For any STEM or science-lover in your home, find a bucket and fill with water to create a sink or float game with your pumpkins and gourds. Have your children guess which will sink and which will float and then proceed with fun!

pumpkin water

If you have seeds and the guts of a pumpkin available, carve them out and place in a freezer bag for sensory exploration. This is a great way to allow your child to help carve and scoop out with their hands or a tool for additional motor skill practice and then place in the bag for play that is mess-free!

jack o lantern