5 Fun Snow Day Crafts for Kids

Posted on Jan 5th 2018


5 Fun Snow Day Crafts for Kids

We are headed into frigid temperatures and potential snow days you might be wondering what kid crafts or toddler activities will be helpful once they tire of outdoor play. Don't you worry - we have 5 great indoor play and kids art ideas to keep your busiest of bodies engaged and entertained!

5 Snow Day Activities:

  • Snowman Paint Craft - Fantasticfunandlearning.com shared a great kids craft idea for using pom poms and clothespins to paint snowmans! Ingredients needed: white paint, cardstock, clothespins, pom poms, and markers. Love this idea to put a fun spin on the traditional painting with brushes!
  • snowman paint craft

  • Snowflake coffee filter - Asia from Thestir.cafemom.com shared this beautiful and simple kids art craft for even the young ones at home. I would recommend pre cutting for your little ones but allowing older ones to be creative with their snowflake! What you'll need for this activity: Large white circular coffee filters, paintbrush, diluted food coloring; plastic wrap; double-sided tape.Find the full directions on the link above!
  • snowflake coffee filters

  • Egg Carton Penguins - Kiwico.com shares an easy indoor kid craft for any age with minimal items needed: black and white paint, orange felt, egg carton, googly eyes and glue. Bonus about this craft is the ability to play with it after crafting! Check out the full directions on the link above!
  • egg carton penguins

  • Snow Paint - Thesway.com shared a really awesome idea using spray bottles, food dye, and water to make your own snow paint. Grab a plastic tub and bring some snow inside and allow your little ones to spray, scoop, and create when you just can not play outside any longer! Throw a towel under the bin and it's a easy clean up zone when done!
  • snow paint

  • Snow fort with marshmallows - Prudentpennypincher.com shared this great indoor play idea for simple and endless hours of fun! Allow your kiddos to be creative with their marshmallows and build a snow fort, a wall, and gather toys from the house to make a snowball fight or an interactive play. It's a win win since you can eat as you engage in play, that always makes my kids happy!
  • marshmallow snow fort

Happy snow days, stay warm friends! Enjoy learning through play!