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Logan love this place. we will be back soon :)
— Crystal Leeand Logan
Posted June 8th 2019
My daughter has been going for over a year and loves it! Ashley is the best and my daughter is always saying how much she loves her. Kids get great exercise, learn how to share and practice manners, and make GREAT friends!
— Caitlin Marble
Posted April 11th 2019
My son loves this place!
— Carrie DiCarlo
Posted March 26th 2019
Great place to have a birthday party for kids from age 2 to 7 I would say! Attended today a birthday party for a girl turning 4 and all the kids age from 2 to 7 maybe some were 8 had a blast! staff kept it all under control and party went smooth!
— Hanna Statsenka Toliver
Posted February 10th 2019
We had a birthday party for our 6yo yesterday, Ashley and Billy were amazing! Our children and guests had a great time. However, when we were getting stuff ready to take out to our car the manager Diana came in and was making rude remarks to my husband and guests. We have taken our children to Romp n Roll multiple times and this is NOT the first time we have had an issue with her. She is rude and sarcastic, very unprofessional! We made sure we requested someone other than her to do our party for that reason.
— Kimberly Cook
Posted January 27th 2019
We stopped through on a road trip and happened to make it during the time when it was a class for my daughter's age. Because of bad weather, no other kids showed up but Ms. Diana still did the whole class for our daughter and she loved it! It was a really great break from the car for her to run around. This seems like the type of place that would be awesome to have a membership to just drop in and play every week during cold or rainy weather- if we lived closer we would definitely be frequenting this place.
— Taylor S.
Posted December 11th 2018
Romp n Roll is great for both children and parents. As a parent it helps you to connect with other parents in the area and the kids get to do the same and build friendships (even from a very young age!) It’s a great environment and safe for them to run around and play and just be kids. The teachers are amazing and always explain why and how certain activities help with development. It’s a really nice mix of music, play, and art rather than just one aspect. Our daughter has been going since she was 3 months and a lot of her milestones occurred at romp n roll (rolling over, climbing stairs, etc.) I have never seen any of the staff be rude and they have always genuinely seemed to care about us. After our first class everyone remembered our name and greeted us cheerily. We love babies class with Miss Diana! She is so enthusiastic and really cares about the children. Open gym is a wonderful chance for the children to run around and we are looking forward to new classes when she is old enough! I would highly recommend to anyone with a baby or toddler.
— Lauren Morgan
Posted December 7th 2018
I absolutely love this indoor gym. It is great you’re around especially during the cold months. The gross motor skills they learn and work on each week are fantastic for such a wonderful space. I highly recommend this as a membership your child can go as many times as they would like and I have found that I go multiple times in a week it’s fantastic! Experience is super personal by the time you go there the second time the workers or do you know your children’s name and they love it they learn a lot of skills and even sing songs the elements of music are so much fun and taking a break within every 15 minutes is perfect for their attention span .
— Vanessa Boa-Amponsem
Posted August 29th 2018
Romp n' Roll Blacksburg is a bright and fun environment for my toddler to grow physically, socially, and emotionally. I love that she gets to interact with children her age and she LOVES the engaging and fun themes each week! The fact that we can choose a class that offers music, art, gymnastics and imaginary play all in one is perfect!
— tahlia bryan
Posted August 7th 2018
I really enjoyed the babies classes when we first joined. Later, when my son was old enough for Rompy’s Adventure it was reassuring to see that the teachers genuinely cared for my little one. Most of all I looked forward to Kids Night Out, perfect for much needed date nights!
— Tina Shamohammadi
Posted July 18th 2018
We went for open play and the staff was rude and it was 10000° in there
— KerraBeth Earles
Posted July 9th 2018
Teacher was excellent, facility was clean had a lot of exciting things for kids. My daughter was so excited she could barely contain herself. Highly recommend.
— Kate Nipper
Posted May 22nd 2018
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